LA County Pump ‘Defiant’ Teenage Boy Full of Estrogen To Modify His Behavior

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While detained at a juvenile hall in Los Angeles, a 16-year-old boy was given 13 doses of estrogen without his or his parents permission, as part of an "experimental" treatment to modify his behavior, according to a lawsuit.

While detained at a juvenile hall in Los Angeles, a 16-year-old boy was given 13 doses of estrogen without his or his parents permission, as part of an “experimental” treatment to modify his behavior, according to a lawsuit. 

The teenage boy, who has not been identified due to his age, was diagnosed with oppositional defiant disorder (ODD) two days after he was arrested and held at Eastlake Juvenile Hall in June of last year.

Estrogen is not currently an established treatment for the boy’s diagnosis.

Yahoo report: The doctors’ ODD diagnosis was “correlated with elevated levels of testosterone and delinquency in male youths,” according to the lawsuit filed against doctors Danny Wang and David Oh and the County of Los Angeles.

The boy was prescribed 13 doses of the hormone estrogen “without obtaining voluntary and informed consent” of himself or his parents, according to the filing with the court. The lawsuit described the treatment as “experimental.

Estrogen is not a treatment for ODD. I can’t be more emphatic about that. You won’t find a reference anywhere that supports the use of estrogen for ODD.” — James McGough, a professor of clinical psychiatry at UCLA, Los Angeles Times

Later, the boy developed female breast tissue, and was diagnosed with gynecomastia, “which is the enlarging of his breast tissue, that did not exist prior to taking the estrogen pills.” He also experienced “psychological, emotional, and cognitive symptoms of depression, anxiety, insomnia, inability to concentrate, attention problems, and headaches.

ODD is a behavioral condition that is mostly diagnosed in childhood and is sometimes diagnosed in patients with attention deficit hyperactivity disorder (ADHD). ODD is normally treated with therapy, and not estrogen, said James McGough, a professor of clinical psychiatry at UCLA.

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  1. Then there are no decent lawful states. Because they are allowed to give kids in state custody any medical treatment or experiment they like without their or their parents consent BY RULE OF LAW .And furthermore about ten tears ago here they made another law which forbids prisoners being allowed to refuse any medical ANY treatment Dr Goody prescribes .By rule of law .Im sure its the sane most places now .By their Moral Authority actu g as Demicratic law abiding citizens who believe in human dignity and peoples freedoms and liberties .

  2. And those people ,who have probably lost their lives ,their horns ,their families ,their friends ,rheir jobs, have nothing left to lose. Do you think theyre going to do anything except breed loathing and hatred for the class who regularly can stay in those hotels ? With nothing to lose do you think they would care about being sent to jail to live for murdering any of that class and having at least a room and 3 meals a day and hot showers ? Think about intentions of manipulative deceivers exploiting the greed of opportunistic parasites of the populus .

  3. And about adhd in the 1990s Australia had the highest rate in the world ,somehow inexplicably, and it was very popular for teachers to suggest to parent that child might need to see Dr Goody for better class room ” integration ” into school ” community ” .So of mama and papa trotted obediently ,as good communuty members do ,to get errant child examined for un natural abnormalities needing magic medications .All rwceived rhen , dexy amphetamines for growing brains as solid dependable effective treatment. Dexies Midnight runners as remedy .We all know wffectivebess of amphetamibes on developing brains long term prognosis Course they werent ” forces ” per se ,but guilt was the weapon of enforcing conoliance Community policing and guilt for the research results . Luckuly apparently the adhd olague ” moved on ” , overzeas it seems .We dont hear of it anymore but obviously they discovered the dexies didbt do the trick

    • And it wasn’t naturally of course foreseeable by and good dr that any person could go wandering down to their local mall and spy 12 to 18 year old selling their dexies for anything from t0 cents to a couple of bucks per pill .No .Naturally not.

  4. So many revolting aspects of this story someone should write a book or make a movie about it.The law says wards of the state can be experimented on without any consent from parents so why are they publishing this story? Is it their usual conniving to make the public think that isn’t the case ? Will they all play along in the deception to serve the ” greater good “? The fact is every person is required to sign a consent form when admitted to hospital anyway, which as best as they can legally make it removes all of your rights to refuse their treatment as prescribed .Ive kbown of payients whi have had to flee the hospitals to protect themselves because they did nit want treatment . And if yoy refuse their treatment then thats all yoy can do because your an ignorant fool who knows nothing and theyre Superior and must be obeyed or you can f off. Thats the bottom line regardless if how diplomatically its presented .

    • 1) this was juvenile hall, not a hospital.

      2) In the U.S. I’m not aware of any law which permits wards of state to be experimented upon. NO human experimentation is to be done without consent, that was established at Nuremburg trials after WW2.

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