Will Republicans Side With ‘A Delusional Con Man’ Asks Hillary Clinton

Fact checked

Former presidential candidate Hillary Clinton is asking will Republicans side with ‘a delusional con man’?

“Republican senators must decide today between upholding 244 years of democracy or going down in history as siding with a delusional con man” Clinton said.

She then added that “It shouldn’t be a tough choice.”

Her comments coincided with the “Save America March” that is taking place today on the White House lawn.


    • But make it slow, she deserves a long gruesome death, just like she has done tp so many.

  1. Bribery will rule the day if Republicans turn.traitor to their party ,to the Constitution and to Truth by supporting the democrats led by the murdering drug peddling Clinton clan and really run from foreign powers. The unholy dollar minted y the private communist owners of everything ever purchased by any american dollar ever lent to the american government by the federal reserve established by JPMORGAN ,aka the King of Anerica .

    • And yes every media outlet and publishing house on the planet knows they can describe the Clintins as murderers and drug traffickers and not ever fear any defamation suit brought against them by the Cluntins .Those who dont describe them as such are in fact ipso facto accessories and accomplices. Bottom line The evidence is undeniable .

      • As is the fact that despite the hooks, articles ,magazine stories tv documentaries and so on proving their crimes NO AG or Police or Courts have done fiddly squat to bring them to Justice Proof of the extent and depth of the corruption of powers ” nothing is what it seems ” And when institutions arent what they seem ,when Courts, cops schools hospitals ,health care education information banking insurance legal financial services and churches religions arent what they seem then all of those working in them ,for them u der them are either corrupt or deceived .And arent what they think they are or pretend to be or seem to be either They are most often deceived .And so become deceivers ,trusting the wrong information and advice .

  2. And talking about betrayed from within ,the trojan horses ,truck One of their favourites Subversion such a sweet treat to them .The Teump rally has been so vo coordinated that the state has blocked off the entire area so that the massive wide streets can create a huge backdrop effectively diminishing the appearance if the rally Its been staged so that the crowd is dispersed all over the place ,the footpaths and streets and somehow lined ip to walk with hig gaps between small groups to make it look as if theres hardly any there at all .The exact OPPOSITE of how they construct the scene when they want to create the opposite impression To deceive There is actually an awful lot of people at the rally A large number spread out as thinly as the organizers could effectively strategise.

    • Epoch times are covering it in Cantonese and the size of the turnout is huge The people just keep coming and coming and coming and coming and coming Absolutely like an endless stream of people flooding into the scene Thousands and thousands I’ve seen and still an almost endless stream following on And their coverage they’re sort of pretending is that start of the rally is actually the end of the day They’re covering the end of it as they’re leaving ,tired and weary Course those who dont speak english may not realize . Typical media .

      • And you tube yesterday didnt show any live coverage on my smart tv Only now today are they showing it once it’s all old news and they’re showing them leaving with manipulations of the past events to deceive As usual The Vanguard operations A womens movement Trump tbe odd man out Pelosi Clinton Kamala the reps the witches want .

  3. She conned the nation for decades while stacking up dead bodies of opponents and whistle blowers all over the world. Corruption, Lawlessness, Incompetence, Narcissism, Two-tier justice, Orchestrated theft and No remorse spells her miserable existence out.

    • Her and the Bush family dont forget Its known as the Bush Clinton cartel They’re all in it together Princess Dianna .

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