Trump: “Pence Didn’t Have the Courage to Protect Our Country”

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Mike Pence

President Trump blasted Vice President Mike Pence on Wednesday afternoon after he rejected Trump’s call to object or refuse to accept Congress’ certification of the Electoral College vote.

In a letter to Congress ahead of certification of the Electoral College vote, Pence claimed he did not have the authority to dismiss votes, but acknowledged concern over “voting irregularities.

The Gateway Pundit reports: The President ripped into Pence for not having the courage to do what should have been done to protect our country and Constitution.

“Mike Pence didn’t have the courage to do what should have been done to protect our Country and our Constitution, giving States a chance to certify a corrected set of facts, not the fraudulent or inaccurate ones which they were asked to previously certify. USA demands the truth!” Trump said.


    • For all we know the troublemakers were actually Democrats really anyway That would HAVE to be expected from them .Typical actually of their Saul Alisky rules for radicals text book strategy .Hes a satanist .The great deceivers. ” always the same ALWAYS the opposite ” .I felt instinctively that I eoyldnt trust Pence as far as I could spit the very first time I saw him And Prlosi and Pompeo and Cuomo et al .

  1. Meanwhile at the Capitol building ,the Romanesque style building, the people are prohibited from entering their Capitol by quasi military police troopers who have formed a human shield to protect those with the power .But on the windshield of one of the state troops vehicles ,in a large sign there is written PELOSI IS SATAN .No attempt has bern made to remove it but the cameras covering the site ,despite pretending to be Trump supporters are deliberately trying to hide it None if the troops or police have made the least attempt to remove it Course it will be removed soon now .

    • Lin is a lively genuine open honest man and so they made mincemeat out of him He did his due diligence ,sure but they fed him the information .He is too honest in some respects.That can make a person easily deceived by written materials especially .

      • And I’m not saying that hes incorrect in what hes said, but I am saying it has put him in a position of losing credibility with the mainstream mass of society who are all in DENIAL Or corrupt And I do have a pretty good idea of how widespread both pedophilia and drug trafficking are And it’s way more common than most people believe In fact its everywhere in every suburb every town every nook and cranny on this planet And that is the truth But they’re all closed off and compartmentalised, very cleverly to deceive then ,that they’re the lucky inside crowd No theyre not They’re as common as muck.

  2. Where is the CIA in all of this? Who does the CIA work for ?

    Does the CIA work for an international entity of some kind? Has the CIA gone rogue?

    Are the lost souls at the CIA behind the peedohfile child blackmail?

    • The fiat were formed at the american governments request by ahitlers ex secret services They were mostly Catholics If you watch the m8vie the good shepherd you will understand more about them Also rember that they holiday at Jekyl island where JP MORGAN and the crew who established the federal reserve system that has actually made communism out of capitalism vacationed and conducted all their top secret business meetings , en masses too .

    • CIA works for the federal reserve bank, which fund them with as much money as they need to be their intel and thugs. The higher rank you move up in all the countries intels, the move they all become the same. the high level CIA MI5, Mossad, all are the same. they are Globalist which means they are working for the central banks, they are chosen from a group of psychopaths and sociopaths. they like to make sociopaths and use them, because they can have loyalty, but psychopaths only have loyalty to themselves and are harder to control. This is partly what MK ultra program was all about. makeing sociopathic slaves.

      • They are globalist which means Imperialists which means they serve the desires of elite families with hereditary powers Not banks The banks are tools of elite families And theres only 2 banks really The bank of england and Coots .And only the pound STERLING is worth anything really .

      • Who is above the central banks,literally? Ever wonder why the US occupies germany? It was part of the deal, the US occupies Duetchland, their home country and they get space. Dornberger, Debus, Von Braun, all SS not zees, and all headed up the official us space program. Who got to space first? 21 Trillion missing? Germans are the SENIOR partners to the US in space. Shocking i know, but banks are, yes, the main control feature of the system, but the hierarchy involves the human colonization of space, led by nat zee germans.

        • Vril society, the occult … Lucifer’s fallen ‘angels’. They want a Earth Federation with their top of the food chain globalists ruling over us all. It is not the Germans, it is what Germany touched on. Power, Might (and Eugenisim), the ‘Strange God’ mentioned in Biblical end times prophsey.

    • The CIA has always been rogue. That’s why they killed Kennedy because he vowed to “rip the agency into a million pieces”

    • They work for Lucifer and what ever gains them power. They wouldnt even let most presidents inspect their area 51 /52 base, much less congressmen… They consider their security above our government representive’s security status.

  3. No one defendes the country when Ibama submitted to Auticracy and butchered democracy Decapitated it by announcing the Pipe as the Moral Authority for rile if Law That was the turning point and unless that is revoked nothing else matters .And he only did it with the first ever Jesuit Pope and King Juan Carlos was the head of Spain and spanish societies and the BOSS of all lawyers admitted to the Bar as the BOSS of the Temole Bar .I dont know if he had to resign that position when he was forced to abdicate in favour of his boy or not or if his boy took the position Rhe internet now is too censored to find out anything that actually does really matter At all .And secret societies and secrecy nor rule the world totally Wverything in public domain is a lie or fraud pr misrepresentation or just ignorant of the facts of the matter anyway even if honest and well intentioned .

  4. Republicans stabbed us all in the back. After big bad talk they pussed out when it came time to own upll and voted themselves into extinction.

    No politicians will ever get a dime out of me again! Rot in hell!!

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