Japanese PM Vows Not To Move Its Israeli Embassy To Jerusalem

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Japan will will not be relocating its Israeli embassy to Jerusalem al-Quds.

During a meeting with the Palestinian president Mahmud Abbas on Tuesday, Japanese Prime Minister Shinzo Abe said his country will not follow the United States’ embassy move saying: “Japan will not move its embassy to Jerusalem.”

The US is due to relocate its embassy from Tel Aviv to Jerusalem on May 14 in a move that sparked anger among Palestinians, who view the eastern part of the city as their capital.

Press TV reports: According to the Palestinian official news agency Wafa, Abe also reasserted his support for the establishment of an independent Palestinian state within the framework of a so-called two-state solution.

Wafa also noted that Abbas thanked Abe for his country’s support , while stressing Palestinians are “ready to cooperate for the success of any international effort to find a political process,” as long as it was based on international law and the building of a Palestinian state.

Abe, currently on tour in the Middle East, is set to meet with Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu on Wednesday.

In April, a report said that US Treasury Secretary Steven Mnuchin will lead a delegation to the inauguration along with Ivanka Trump’s husband Jared Kushner who is another top Jewish figure in the White House.

On December 6, US President Donald Trump defied global warnings and said Washington formally recognized al-Quds as the “capital” of Israel and would begin the process of moving its embassy to the occupied city, breaking with decades of American policy.

Trump’s declaration has sent shockwaves throughout the Muslim world and even prompted warnings from Washington’s allies in the West that it would bring more chaos to the region.

The United Nations General Assembly on December 21 overwhelmingly voted in favor of a resolution that calls on the US to withdraw its controversial recognition of Jerusalem al-Quds as the Israeli capital.

Washington, however, says the diplomatic mission will be relocated from Tel Aviv to al-Quds next month to coincide with the anniversary of the day in 1948 when Israel was proclaimed as an entity after a catastrophic war with Arab nations.

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