Stevie Wonder’s Former Lover Claims ‘Stevie Is Not Really Blind’

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A former girlfriend of Stevie Wonder admitted in an interview that the iconic singer-songwriter "is not really blind at all."

A former girlfriend and collaborator of Stevie Wonder shocked the world this morning during an interview on an African radio station when she admitted that the iconic singer-songwriter “is not really blind at all.

In an exclusive interview with Enquêteur Africain, Ms. Mbappe answered a question regarding her time with Stevie Wonder in the late 1970s by explaining that after “telling a few lies” early in his career “to stand out from the crowd and get attention“, the Superstition hitmaker was “forced to stick with it and live the rest of his life as a pretend blind man.

All the big names had a gimmick back then. Stevie was the genius in glasses who couldn’t see a thing. Tina Turner’s real name is actually Saul Hymowitz. True story!

Introduced by the radio host as a “bi-racial bombshell with hazelnut eyes“, Ms. Mbappe batted back criticism from listeners who claimed she was seeking to destroy her former lover’s reputation.

Oh come on! I can’t believe he’s gotten away with this for so long!” Ms. Mbappe said, citing “untold amounts of evidence in the public domain” that Stevie Wonder has “20/20 vision.

Anyone who has known a real blind guy can see that Stevie isn’t blind.”

In 2010, Stevie Wonder and Paul McCartney performed in the White House East Room. Clumsily, McCartney knocked over a microphone. Watch what happens next:

Have you seen him sitting front row at basketball games? He loves basketball. Have you seen him taking photographs? He is an amazing photographer. He peers down the lens in viewfinders, composing beautiful photos. He has a great eye. His walls are covered with gorgeous photos he has taken around the world. He shows these photos to house guests and they still don’t get it! He can see! People are so gullible it’s truly phenomenal,” Mbappe said.

Stevie Wonder taking a photo of Michael Jackson.

Mbappe, who dated Stevie Wonder for months during his golden period in the late 70s and contributed backing vocals to “numerous” album tracks, also claimed that “Stevie’s hoax” is well-known in show business circles.

Oprah bought him a car. Can you believe that? Paul McCartney bought him safari binoculars. I mean, come on, they are having a laugh at your expense.”

Stevie Wonder goes to basketball games. A lot. He also gets courtside seats all the time. He cheers and seems to follow the action.
Stevie Wonder likes basketball, because basketball is a great sport to watch live and up close.

Mbappe is not the first notable person with a personal relationship with Stevie Wonder to claim the iconic musician is faking his blindness. NBA legend Darryl Dawkins is on record talking about Stevie Wonder nicknaming him “Chocolate Thunder”, and declaring in no uncertain terms that Stevie Wonder can see.

Bomani Jones, an ESPN personality and one of the brightest guys in sports media, also claims Stevie Wonder is not blind. Bomani Jones, a reasonable man, broke down the entire argument over 15 minutes, including some Around the Horn footage. His arguments include (but aren’t limited to) Stevie Wonder trying to get on Dancing With The Stars, Bomani Jones’s boy selling the Signed, Sealed, Delivered singer three plasma televisions once.

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