Cameraman Captures UFO’s As They Pass By The Moon

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A cameraman who has been filming the Moon with a high-definition digital camera and telescopic equipment claims to have captured several UFOs passing the lunar surface.

The Express reports: A series of clips posted on YouTube show dark objects which appear to pass close to the Moon, including one which appears to be powered by the rocket jets.

Crrow777, as the camerman calls himself claims to “never post any hoax footage”, and says he only manipulates zoom, colour and contrast to further “highlight anomalies” he catches on camera rather than mislead viewers.

He said of the “rocket jet” clip: “I am not saying this is an alien, but it is a ship being intelligently controlled.”

The cameraman claims to have discounted objects in these three clips from being satellites orbiting Earth, because of the length of time he filmed them passing the lunar surface – up to a minute in one case.

He says this means they are too close to the Moon to possibly be satellites orbiting earth, which would pass the Moon in two to three seconds because of their distance from it.

He said of his channel: “You will see only video I have personally shot. Everything is in high definition, and a lot of it is shot through an eight-inch telescope. I have shot UFOs, chem trails and the UFOs that accompany them, the Moon, lunar UFOs and space anomalies.

“I make a pledge to all subscribers on my channel to never run false or deceptive clips and I will never edit the clips in a way that is deceptive.

“What you see is what I observe through my camera and telescope.”

Crrow777 has received praise for his camerawork, but has also been criticised by some for subscribing to extreme conspiracy theories, including that EVERy image ever released by Nasa has been faked.

But some believe he may have captured genuine UFOs on film.

One viewer posted: “Consistent with NASA’s video of the tether incident. They do exist and are watching us. They will not allow us to destroy ourselves with nuclear war. After all, they had a hand in making this planet what it is today.”

What do you think? Are these asteroids, satellites or real UFO’s?

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