Le Pen Vows To Fight New World Order ‘Until My Heart Stops Beating’

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Marine Le Pen told supporters she will fight the New World Order “until my heart stops beating,” promising them that "the war is not over."

Defiant Marine Le Pen has promised supporters she will fight the New World Order “until my heart stops beating” and told close friends and associates although they lost a battle on Sunday, the war will be fought to the bitter end.

Le Pen fought back tears while suffering through Emmanuel Macron’s “victory” speech. The country she loves is teetering on the brink of irreversible ruin at the hands of the globalists.

Declaring herself “devastated” that the French Republic “raised the white flag” in the face of a “globalist assault”, Le Pen vowed to return and take the fight to the New World Order.

Emmanuel Macron is set to be the most useless leader in French history – which is saying something. His party, En Marche!, has a grand total of zero seats in parliament. He will be a useless cuck sitting atop a fool’s gold throne, basking in false glory, quietly doing the elite’s bidding.

The once proud Republic of France will be ruled from the outside, dominated by Angela Merkel, Brussels, and the Rothschilds.

[Marine Le Pen Vows To Destroy New World Order]

This is exactly the way the New World Order planned it. When Macron took to the stage to claim his “victory”, he walked out to the tune of the European Union’s anthem. There was hardly a French flag in sight.

The former Rothschild banker, whose private emails reveal he is still financially supported by Rothschild Bank, used his first speech as leader to announce plans for a radically globalized France, with French tradition and culture being thrown by the wayside.


Le Pen cast allusions to Macron’s significantly older wife, his subservience to Angela Merkel, and the allegations of drug use and homosexuality that surfaced after his emails were leaked, then drove the point home – Marcon is a puppet of the New World Order.

Macron is scurrying around on his hands and knees while the blood of French patriots is being spilled on the streets at the hands of jihadists and globalists.”

Describing the globalist’s end game as “a boot stomping on our faces, forever,” Le Pen spoke to her base, the patriots of France, and said “We will not be slaves. I will never submit. Who will be strong and stand with me?

If you want to be free you must join the fight.”

She believes in her heart that the French people do not want what the globalists are selling. The majority simply fell for the greatest scam in the history of the world, the New World Order’s shiny, empty promise.

Second French Revolution

Le Pen has called for a second French Revolution. The financial and political elites have rigged the game and established such firm control over France and Europe that they can select candidates at will – even candidates as flawed and pathetic as Macron – and ensure their election.

European leaders are selected, not elected.

But the tide is turning. The people are slowly but surely waking up. The Republic of France cannot be lead by a weak, closeted, corrupt, dishonest puppet, who will tear the country’s heart out and replace it with the soulless, empty vision of the European and global elite.

Revolutions don’t happen overnight. The first French Revolution played out over years. Le Pen called for supporters and patriots to take heart and play the long game. The momentum is with them. Patriots always emerge on the right side of history. The globalists will be exposed as the cowards and traitors that they are.

They cannot be allowed to win.

“Fight tooth and nail”

Le Pen’s post-election gathering for colleagues and patriots could not have differed more to Macron’s limp display of globalist cuckery and corporate emptiness.

Le Pen and supporters refused to be downbeat, insisting that although they lost a battle today, the war is far from over. Pointing to the Front National’s astonishing rise from fringe party to main player in the course of only a few years, Le Pen promised supporters that she has dedicated the rest of her life to fighting the New World Order “tooth and nail” and “until my heart stops beating.”

With a bottle of Bordeaux in one hand, a French flag in the other, and a microphone wedged between her chin and shoulder, Le Pen bellowed lyrics from rousing battle songs and urged patriots to rise up against the New World Order’s sick and twisted masterplan.

It was a night of defiance. The war is far from over.

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