Woman Who Survived Maoist China Says WEF Agenda 2030 Turning US Into ‘Marxist Dictatorship’

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A woman who survived the brutal Chinese communist regime has warned the World Economic Forum and Democrats in the United States are turning the country into a “Marxist proletarian dictatorship.”

“I lived through the most brutal communist regime in China,” Xi Van Fleet said. “I witnessed a lot. And now I will recount one of the darkest moments I witnessed. When the former president of the United States was indicted and mugshot in a Georgia prison.

“I have to say America is quickly becoming a communist country and our rule of law has been turned into a proletarian dictatorship,” Xi warned. “The party in power is after its political opposition and its not just the president but people like activists. They are now in jail. They are political prisoners in the ‘free’ country of the United States.”

Xi also had a word for Americans who are cheering the prosecution of Donald Trump. According to Xi, “they think they are on the winning team, but they are not.”

“I have a word for them. Forget about Donald Trump. The party in power is abusing their power and going after any opposition. Now it’s Donald Trump. Now it’s MAGA. But eventually it’s everybody. Because communist regimes cannot tolerate any opposition, any dissenting voices, so they are coming after all of us. Including those who are cheering now for Trump’s indictment. They think they are on the winning them. They are not. We will all become victims if we let them succeed.”

Asked what we should we do now, Xi was unequivocal in her response. Liberals must learn about history.

“Learn a little bit about history. Learn about the Cultural Revolution. What is happening here is a repeat. Only when people understand the history and the nature of what is going on, will they wake up. We are dealing with communism. We are dealing with Marxism. They want to transform our country into a dictatorship.”

Xi also warns that the Agenda 2030 goals of Klaus Schwab’s World Economic Forum will turn the entire world into the dystopian hellscape that was Mao’s China.

“Welcome to Mao’s China in 2030!,” Xi wrote. “Under Mao we had nothing, but we had to show we were “happy.” To do otherwise was to risk imprisonment, Gulag or worse.

“Under Mao, there was no privacy. If you happened to complain in the “privacy” of your home, your children/spouse might, and many did, report you to the Party!

“Sadly many Americans seem to be thrilled about 2030!”

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