Black Lives Matter Officially Supports Jussie Smollett: ‘Never Believe Police’

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Black Lives Matter officially declares support for actor Jussie Smollett

Black Lives Matter have officially declared their full support for hate hoaxer Jussie Smollett, and have warned that his trial is a “white supremacist charade.”

L.A. BLM leader Melina Abdullah praised the disgraced Empire actor for his “courage” as he stands trial in Chicago for faking a MAGA hate crime.

Abdullah slammed the American justice system in her statement, claiming that it is “white supremacist,” and warning that it is an example of the “corrupt systems are working to devalue [black] lives.”

“In an abolitionist society, this trial would not be taking place, and our communities would not have to fight and suffer to prove our worth,” Abdullah stated.

“Instead, we find ourselves once again being forced to put our lives and our value in the hands of judges and juries operating in a system that is designed to oppress us, while continuing to face a corrupt and violent police department who has proven time and again to have no respect for our lives.”

“In our commitment to abolition, we can never believe police, especially the Chicago Police Department (CPD) over Jussie Smollett, a Black man who has been courageously present, visible, and vocal in the struggle for Black freedom,” the far-left race baiter continued. reports: Abdullah added that “policing at-large is an irredeemable institution,” and attacked the Chicago Police Department for its history of civil rights abuses.

“Black Lives Matter will continue to work towards the abolition of police and every unjust system,” Abdullah concluded. “We will continue to love and protect one another and wrap our arms around those who do the work to usher in Black freedom and, by extension, freedom for everyone else.”

Chicago prosecutors have charged the 39-year-old actor with six counts of felony disorderly conduct for lying to the police and filing three false police reports about an attack he said he suffered in Jan. of 2019.

Jussie Smollett took the stand in his trial this week and boldly claimed there was “no hoax” and that he didn’t plan the attack against himself. But he also admitted to being intimate friends with the two men that Chicago Police investigators say perpetrated the fake attack on the actor. Smollett also scolded special prosecutor Daniel Webb for reading the actor’s text messages aloud, including multiple uses of the full N-word in open court.