Deleted WEF Memo Reveals Trump Is on ‘Hit List’ of Leaders To Be Assassinated 

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A deleted and leaked World Economic Forum memo reveals Donald J. Trump is on the "hit list" of leaders to be assassinated if he continues proving impossible to control.

A deleted and leaked World Economic Forum memo reveals Donald J. Trump is on the “hit list” of leaders to be assassinated if he continues proving impossible to control.

The plan to defeat Trump using lawfare is failing spectacularly, with the former president riding high in the polls while Biden flounders.

Desperate to avoid a repeat of Trump’s first four year term, the global elite are now initiating Plan B, also known as the plot to remove President Donald Trump from the November election by any means necessary.

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When the liberal elite cannot win the arguments, they resort to censorship. When they cannot control world leaders through corruption and compromise, they resort to assassination.

Slovakia’s anti-WEF Prime Minister Robert Fico survived an assassination attempt this week and is now in a “life-threatening condition” after he was airlifted to hospital.

Mainstream media has declared that the assassination attempt on Fico was “entirely justified” due to his beliefs in what they describe as “dangerous conspiracy theories.”

The WEF and the UN declared war on so-called “conspiracy theorists” and now the mainstream media is suggesting they must be killed to stop them spreading their dangerous ideas.

In the real world, Fico is one of the few world leaders who can see through the WEF’s agenda and bravely decided to oppose it.

Known as one of the staunchest anti-globalist leaders in Europe, Fico has consistently called for an end to the war in Ukraine, and he also angered the WEF by ordering an investigation into the COVID-19 response and devastating mRNA vaccine roll out.

Perhaps the final straw for the globalist elite came in recent weeks when Fico provided powerful opposition to the WHO Pandemic Treaty, playing a leading role in stopping the globalist organization from forcing through the legislation.

Japan has already had a taste of this.

Shinzo Abe, who served two terms as prime minister of Japan and remained hugely influential in global politics, was assassinated by a far-left henchman in July 2022

Abe was a critic of the New World Order and was re-elected for a rare second term in 2012 with a mandate to defend his country from the Chinese Communist Party and their friends in the highest echelons of the WEF and United Nations.

While Abe was silenced by the global elite, his legacy lives on.

The people of Japan are fiercely opposed to the agenda of the New World Order, recently protesting in their millions against the authoritarian WHO Pandemic Treaty which is threatening to undermine the sovereignty of nations and allow Bill Gates and Tedros to build a global totalitarian surveillance society.

We have a lot to learn from Japan and how to reject the New World Order because as Tucker Carlson explained last year, Trump is providing the global elite with a problem that they can only solve through assassination.

Tucker was ahead of the curve because fast forward less than a year and the World Economic Forum are plotting to carry out the hit.

Trump has long been threatened by members of the compromised political elite, with Chuck Schumer famously warning him the intelligence community weren’t going to let him get away with shooting from the hip and destroying the New World Order.

Schumer wasn’t wrong. As Tucker pointed out earlier, the intelligence community tried to frame Trump on multiple occasions. Remember Russia-gate? Congress impeached him on two ridiculous charges. Then came the lawfare episode which is still playing out.

All of these dirty tricks failed and still President Trump is standing, defying the odds and the agenda of the global elite.

Now, according to a WEF insider, they are planning to take him out in the same way they have removed other troublesome world leaders.

Justifying the decision by stating the “world will be better off without Donald Trump,” the memo cites Trump’s rising popularity in spite of his legal issues and his upcoming debates with Joe Biden.

Addressed to inner sanctum members who were not identified by name, the leaked and deleted WEF memo targeting Trump has been passed to the Secret Service and was offered to mainstream news outlets, however they refused to run the story.

Could this decision to cover up the crime have anything to do with the fact the mainstream media are all on Bill Gates’ payroll and operate as the PR department of the global elite?

Undoubtedly the media has already been told how to cover the story and twist the facts and mislead the masses, to suit the implementation of the elites’ dystopian agenda.

But it’s not too late for us to make a stand and destroy their plans. Despite their best laid plans, the future is not written and it does not belong to the elites.

More and more people are waking up and seeing the global elite for what they always have been: deranged psychopaths intent on destruction and domination.

It’s our duty to continue shining a light on the darkness and waking up as many people as possible. This is how we defeat them.

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