WEF Passes New Law To Criminalize Criticism of mRNA

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Klaus Schwab's World Economic Forum have pulled the levers to criminalize criticism of mRNA as world governments continue to clamp down on basic freedoms we once took for granted.

Klaus Schwab’s World Economic Forum have pulled the levers to criminalize criticism of mRNA as world governments continue to clamp down on basic freedoms we once took for granted.

According to the global elite, anyone who dares to raise questions about the efficacy or safety of the elite’s experimental mRNA gene therapy vaccines must be sent to prison for three years and fined tens of thousands of dollars.

If this sounds like something out of George Orwell’s dystopian 1984, you are right. There’s just one problem – it’s happening today, in Western countries, and the global elite are determined to roll it out all over the world.

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World Economic Forum Young Global Leader President Emannual Macron has passed a new law in France which will send you to jail for 3 years if you dare to criticize mRNA “vaccines” or “gene therapy.”

According to the new law, which was passed quietly, without debate, through the French parliament last week, criticism of mRNA or other treatments which have been deemed “suitable” based on current “medical knowledge” can lead to a 3 year prison sentence and up to a $48,400 fine.

Article 4 of the tyrannical new law, or Article Pfizer as it is being referred to by freedom fighters in the legislature, is the most aggressive move by the global elite to criminalize dissent since the dark days of the Covid pandemic and the draconian response by governments operating in lockstep around the world.

Ominously, during the discussion of this fascist law that eliminates informed consent, warnings were parroted that “the next pandemic is coming” and mRNA technology is the only solution.

What are they planning for the world?

The global cartel are not content with rolling out laws against free speech and dissent. They want to tie every country in the world to their draconian pandemic response plans.

And as we know – because they keep telling us – a new pandemic is coming soon.

This explains why they are so desperate to get every country on earth to sign the World Health Organization’s pandemic treaty, which will hand over national sovereignty to the WHO.

Such an outcome will hand the national sovereignty of every country on earth to the unelected global health czar himself, Bill Gates, who is by far the largest funder of the World Health Organization.

This naked power grab could not be more brazen and must not be allowed to succeed, regardless of what Tedros is telling the gullible masses. Take a look at this urgent press conference he called to promise the sheep that the elite can be trusted running a worldwide totalitarian medical and scientific police state.

We have been identified by the elite as their number one enemy. But our plan to defeat them has been working and we must remain brave and see the plan to its conclusion.

While excess deaths continue skyrocketing and coroners report finding disturbing new pathologies in vaccinated corpses, it is time for serious scientists to stand up and study what exactly has gone wrong here.

In a new report that has yet to be peer-reviewed, Canadian scientists looked at the pandemic from a thousand-foot view. Their conclusions? Over 17 million people have died from the Covid vaccines and the excess death mortality rate exploded in every country that rolled out the vaccines.

This is the greatest crime in human history.

Complicit governments and Big Pharma executives are desperately trying to gaslight the population into accepting that they were not forced to take the vaccine.

We must never allow them to normalize this shameless lie.

Bill Gates praised Australia as the country which was most obedient in following the global elite’s draconian orders during the pandemic.

Let’s check in with them and see how that is working out:

With excess deaths at the highest levels in history and continuing to skyrocket off the charts, it’s safe to say Australians feel misled and betrayed by Bill Gates and the global elite.

We cannot allow tyrannical moves like France’s disgraceful ban on free speech to limit our ability to continue exposing the elite and their crimes against humanity.

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