Police: Thousands Witnessed Demonic Portal Opening Above White House

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There is a battle raging for the soul of America and it has been playing out for centuries in the White House where corrupted Luciferian presidents and First Ladies have conducted Satanic rituals in a globalist plot to try and give rise to the Antichrist.

There is a battle raging for the soul of America and it has been playing out for centuries in the White House where corrupted Luciferian presidents and First Ladies have conducted Satanic rituals in a globalist plot to try and give rise to the Antichrist.

Many people will try and convince you that this battle is abstract and metaphysical. Newsflash: it’s not. The battle for the soul of America and the world is rooted firmly in reality. Klaus Schwab and the WEF have recently declared war on God, attempting to supplant themselves as the supreme arbiters of creation and destruction. Before we play this outrageous footage and prove this to you, let’s take a quick look at the dark and hidden history of the occult in the White House.

No, it didn’t begin in the 90s when Bill and Hillary were consorting with witch doctors on special Satanic dates in the calendar. It dates back further than you might think, at least as far as the mid 1800s and the administration of Franklin Pierce, the 14th President of the United States.

Weeks after entering the White House, Pierce and his wife Jane lost their young son Benny in a train derailment. Desperate to reach out to their son, the Pierces conducted seances in the White House during which they claimed they got in touch with Benny. Before long, those in the White House came to claim that Jane could often be heard talking to her deceased boy. However, she later came to believe that it was actually an evil spirit posing as the dead boy and others started to worry that the First Family were being controlled by Satanic forces.

The Pieces hired a priest to perform the first exorcism in the White House. But considering President Pierce’s decisions in the aftermath of the experience with the seances, many Christian historians believe the exorcism did not work.

Pierce signed the Kansas-Nebraska Act which heightened domestic tensions over slavery, resulting in the “Bleeding Kansas” violence of 1854 to 1859. Many citizens at the time believed he was under the influence of demons, which would mean the ensuing Civil War was the handiwork of Beelzebub’s minions.

President Abraham Lincoln, who like Pierce lost an 11-year-old son, also dabbled with the occult during his time in the White House and his wife, Mary Todd, became closely involved with a spiritualist of her own. That medium, Charles Colchester, even predicted the Lincoln’s murder before it took place.

To his credit, Trump was wise to this dark history and First Lady Melania Trump demanded the White House undergo a complete exorcism, with “pagan idols and demonic artifacts” from “the Clinton and Obama years” removed from the premises before she would set foot in the building, according to White House pastor Paul Begley.

They cleansed the White House,” the pastor said on Weekend Vigilante, hosted by Sheila Zilinsky. “They had people in there anointing it with oil and praying everywhere.

Because apparently during the eight years when Obama was there, and maybe even some of the presidents before him, there were all kinds of idol gods and images and all kinds of artifacts in there that were demonic, even some of the stuff from the Clinton era,” Begley said.

“I have to say, when the president allowed 40 pastors to come in to the White House and anoint him with oil and lay their hands and pray on him—seven times he’s done this—that is unheard of,” Begley said.

The White House pastor then related that the First Lady said, “‘You’ve got to get all of that out of there and send in some preachers and priests‘” – she wanted respected Christian leaders — to go in and cleanse the White House or, ‘I will not spend one night in it.’”

In his book, My Life, former president Bill Clinton confessed that he and Hillary hosted a voodoo ceremony where an alleged “spirit arrived,” possessed participants walked on hot coals and burnt their flesh with fire, and at one point, a person bit the head off a living chicken.

A Wikileaks classified email released in 2016 also exposed Hillary Clinton for what she really is – an occultist who bows down to Moloch, the same pagan god they perform human sacrifice rituals for at the annual Bohemian Grove meetings.

In a Clinton email from August 29 2008 published by Wikileaks, a senior government staffer writes to Hillary Clinton, “With fingers crossed, the old rabbit’s foot out of the box in the attic, I will be sacrificing a chicken in the backyard to Moloch . . .”

Later that year Hillary Clinton’s campaign chairman John Podesta was also exposed as an occultist who employs the power of dark spirituality. WikiLeaks emails revealed he and his brother Tony fraternized with Marina Abramovich at Satanic “spirit cooking” dinner parties, featuring pig’s blood, countless human fluids, and mock human sacrifices.

Arizona Wilder survived the worst abuses of the Bill Clinton years in the White House and lived the tell the tale. According to Wilder, senior politicians in the Clinton White House tortured and abused children in Satanic rituals in order to instill terror in them.

Hollywood actor Jim Caviezel, who was handpicked by Mel Gibson to star as Jesus in the Passion of the Christ, is one of the few entertainment industry insiders brave enough to explain the phenomenon of adrenachrome.

With previous tenants like the Clintons and Obamas, and the kind of behavior those people engaged in, it’s no wonder Melania Trump demanded the White House undergo a full exorcism before she set foot in the building.

Because the ultimate goal of these rituals is really plain and simple… To summon the devil and give rise to the Antichrist. For centuries, Satanists have been unsuccessful in their ultimate endeavor.

Unfortunately for America and the world, the current residents of the White House are not of the same persuasion as Melania Trump and demonic sightings in and around the White House are proliferating again.

There is a demonic portal that opened above the White House after Biden moved in and it can be seen by those who are looking for it, according to Roger Stone who says Arlington, Virginia police have confirmed the visibility of the portal.

Stone told conservative radio host Eric Metaxas he has seen it “swirling like a cauldron” above the White House, as have others who spent enough time looking. During Sunday’s edition of The Eric Metaxas Radio Show, the host asked Stone to repeat to him on the air an anecdote he had previously shared.

“I think that…  a portal, a demonic portal, opened above the White House around the time that the Bidens moved in,” Stone said. “This was brought to my attention by a Christian who lives in north Florida who sent me a bunch of documents and also a bunch of notations from the Bible about portals.”

Stone said he first expressed skepticism about the existence of the portal above 1600 Pennsylvania Avenue:

“So, I was skeptical about it but I looked at the photos. Also, there’s a live cam where you can actually see in real-time and there does appear to be something above the White House… At first you say, “Oh, maybe it’s a reflection. Maybe it’s an aerostat balloon. Maybe there’s a logical [explanation.]”

Stone said he called a friend of his who is a police officer in Arlington, Virginia, and asked him to investigate it. Arlington police responded by confirming that many people have seen the portal above the White House.

“He called me back about two-and-a-half hours later and said, ‘You’re not going to believe this, but there’s definitely something there. Other people were there photographing it,’” Stone said he was told.

In case you thought the spiritual war that has been raging inside the White House for centuries is purely metaphysical, it’s worth taking a look at the words coming out of the mouths of Biden’s puppet masters.

The World Economic Forum, led by Klaus Schwab, has recently begun escalating its attacks on religion and Christianity in particular.

God is dead, according to the WEF, who have also declared that “Jesus is fake news,” and that WEF leaders have “acquired divine powers” to rule over humanity.

According to the WEF, a new one world religion has arrived and it unites all of humanity in worshipping at the altar of climate science, techno-communism and eugenics.

Klaus Schwab’s right hand man Yuval Noah Harari has announced that the WEF has been so successful in its plans that it is acquiring divine powers of “creation and destruction.” The blasphemy doesn’t stop there. Harari also promises the WEF will turn humans into gods.

The WEF is also increasingly hostile to Christianity and major religions. If you read between the lines just a little, it’s clear the WEF is consciously attempting to supplant Jesus

According to the WEF, Jesus is fake news, God is dead, and you do not have a soul. You are a “hackable animal” who does not have the capacity for free will.

The World Economic Forum has spent decades quietly infiltrating democratically elected governments, penetrating cabinets and wielding an outsized influence on the world from the corridors of Schwab’s Swiss hideout in Davos.

These tyrants have now become arrogant and sure of their own success. They are no longer hiding in the shadows and pulling puppet strings from behind the curtain.

They want hell on earth, the antichrist to rule, Satan to return to power, and God to be dead in the minds of the masses.

We are living in dangerous times. The mainstream media has been completely taken over by the globalist elite. The masses have never been more misinformed and confused. The result is a pandemic of hopelessness and misery. Drug and alcohol addiction is flourishing. Porn addiction has replaced procreation. The global elite have humanity exactly where they want us… in their crosshairs.

Depopulation and tyrannical control is the name of their game and in recent years they have already begun the process of playing god and thinning the herd.

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