Is Prometheus All About Secret Society The Illuminati?

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From an article in Yahoo!: ”

As part of our series on mind-blowing movie fan theories, we’re changing the way you watch some of Hollywood’s most famous films. This week: ‘Prometheus’.

The theory

There are those who see things others cannot – men and women capable of reading between the lines to see what movies are really all about.

These people – let’s just call them conspiracy theorists for now – claim that Ridley Scott’s ‘Prometheus’ was not just a slightly underwhelming prequel to his 1979 sci-fi horror classic ‘Alien’, but was in fact shining a light on the Illuminati, the new world order who want to control us all like puppets.


Media mouthpiece Alex Jones of – most definitely not to be confused with the nice lady from ‘The One Show’ – goes one further, and claims that ‘Prometheus’ is “not just a film, but a revelation of the method revealing the deepest secrets of the Illuminati mystery religion.” And you thought it was just written by Damon Lindelof!

The evidence

– Jones and his ilk are insistent that the storyline for ‘Prometheus’ mirrors those of many ancient societies. ‘Prometheus’ posits that human life was seeded on our planet many millennia ago by a powerful race of supermen, which is in line with several theories that claim mankind’s origins are not the work of God (Darwin’s theory of evolution is usually discarded out of hand) but that we were created by advanced beings from outer space. The Illuminati know these secrets. The rotters.


– Further to this, theorists believe that the dark themes of ‘Prometheus’ – in particular Peter Weyland’s quest for the gift of eternal life – reflect what the elite believe: that they are worthy of attaining godhood and are destined for greatness, bestowed with a divine right by a higher intelligence. This occultist view runs throughout ‘Prometheus’ DNA, or so they say.

– The character of Peter Weyland (Guy Pearce) – the sinister and selfish head of the Weyland corporation – represents the Illuminati in ‘Prometheus’. In legend, Prometheus stole fire from the gods and gave it to man, leading to his eternal punishment. In a promotional TED talk video released prior to the film, a young Peter Weyland claimed that advances in technology meant that we were the gods now. In the film, Weyland finances the Prometheus mission to find new life, and he does so from behind the scenes without revealing his true self. “The parallels to the authoritarian, amoral, covert control of the Illuminati network are brazen,” says website


– Is the android character of David (Michael Fassbender) a reference to Raëlism’s Swastika of David and the Zionist Illuminati leadership? It’s quite hard for us to field that one accurately without falling into a conspiracy theorist rabbit hole, but there are some who think so.

Less subtle is some of the imagery used in the film’s promotional videos: one eagle-eyed viewer thinks he spotted a Baphomet – a satanic idol worshipped by secret societies like the Knights Templar – in a featurette on David. Looks like a skull to us.

– The nightmarish visions of HR Giger are used extensively in Scott’s ‘Alien’ movies. Giger artwork in ‘The Book Of Alien’, released in 1979, shows (among other things) an Illuminati symbol – a pyramid with an “all-seeing eye” at the top, with a “radiating sun” above it.


The verdict

No. First of all, it’s important to remember that Alex Jones issomeone who will say or do anything if it gets him on TV. We’re talking about a man who, while in a TV interview about gun control, managed to make host Piers Morgan look reasonable and rational – grounds enough to completely dismiss anything that comes out of his mouth. He claimed that ‘Machete’ was going to start a race war that would lead to the end of the United States of America. The man could uncover a conspiracy in the ingredients to his cereal if he shouted hard enough about it. It’s equally important to note that Jones hadn’t actually seen ‘Prometheus’ when he made public his Illuminati theory – he was basing it all on the trailer. (He claimed he had “friends in the media” so “knew how it ended”, which I’m sure was news to the publicity department at 20th Century Fox).


Have you seen any Illuminati conspiracy videos on YouTube lately? Those guys consider anything vaguely triangular to be proof of the new world order. It is not difficult to detect Illuminati imagery in ‘Prometheus’, nor is it difficult to find Christian imagery, or indeed imagery pertaining to any religion – visually, the film is a hotch-potch of iconography.

There is much in ‘Prometheus’ that does pertain to historical myth, but it’s written that way – you can’t make a movie about the quest to discover the origins of mankind without hitting at least one or two religious touchpoints. Damon Lindelof’s whole deal is that he magpies story elements from different, universally relatable sources that are intended to ignite debate. ‘Prometheus’ has lofty ambitions in this vein, but is it shovelling an Illuminati agenda down our throats? No, of course not. But we would say that – we’re secretly run by a race of lizard people.

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