[VIDEO] – NASA Shows Us Solar Eclipse As Seen On The Moon

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A new video from NASA shows what a total lunar eclipse would look like – if we lived on the moon!

From GeoBeats News:

A total lunar eclipse is coming later this month. And NASA has simulated what it would look like from the moon.

In an animation, the Earth passes directly in front of the sun, all but hiding the illuminated golden orb. Our blue-and-green planet is then ringed by a fiery halo of red, what NASA calls “the sum of all Earth’s sunrises and sunsets.”

Meanwhile, the lunar surface appears to blush in the pink-tinged light emanating off Earth. The eclipse occurs on the evening of September 27th US time, and will be visible in North and South America and the western regions of Europe and Africa.

Royce Christyn

Royce Christyn

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