Journalist Who Reported on Freedom Convoy Has Bank, Credit Cards Frozen By Trudeau Regime

Fact checked

Andy Lee, an independent journalist that was recently suspended from Twitter for reporting on the Freedom Convoy, claims her bank and credit cards have known been frozen by the Trudeau regime.

Andy Lee, an independent journalist from Calgary, previously made headlines for reporting on Prime Minister Justin Trudeau and his shady links to the Chinese government. According to Global News reporter Sean O’Shea, a total of 206 bank accounts and counting have been frozen by the Trudeau regime in relation to the protest.

Lee had her Twitter account arbitrarily suspended on Feb. 12 for the Twitter crime of “ban evasion,” something she disputes.

According to Lee, she was targeted for her reporting, which often exposed the lies and propaganda in mainstream media reports.

Now, Lee says her bank card and credit card have been frozen. Her partner, Shonn Oborowsky, claimed on Twitter Sunday evening that “the Federal government has locked journalist Andy Lee’s bank and credit cards. This is crazy, Trudeau is going after journalists now.”

Toronto99 report: It is not clear why Andy Lee had her bank and credit card frozen. Toronto 99 tried to contact her for comment, but did not receive an immediate response. Andy Lee urged her followers to “keep calm.” Under the Emergencies Act, bank accounts can be frozen without a court order.

The banks have frozen numerous accounts, including ones belonging to independent media Druthers, as well as the accounts belonging to the protest organizers. Tamara Lich, the lead organizer of the convoy who is currently in prison, had her bank accounts frozen. This has complicated her efforts to get bail.