Tucker Carlson Explains Why He Interviewed Russian President Vladimir Putin

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Carlson and Putin

Tucker Carlson confirmed that he went to Moscow to interview the Russian President Vladimir Putin, in order to “inform” Americans about why the Ukraine war was happening.

A Kremlin spokesperson said the interview took place on Tuesday and was granted to the former Fox News host because he is “pro-American”.

Carlson claimed that other Western journalists had not ‘bothered’ to speak to Russia’s leader and he decided to do it because ‘Americans are not informed’ about the war in Ukraine.

“Most Americans have no idea why Putin invaded Ukraine and what his goals are now…Americans have a right to know all they can about a war they are implicated in, and we have a right to tell them about it…” Tucker explained.

“They have no real idea what’s happening in this region. But they should know, they’re paying for much of it in ways they might not fully perceive” he added while promising that his interview with Putin would be revelatory.

Carlson also said that the Twitter/X owner Elon Musk had promised to air the sit-dwon interview in full on his platform. The interview is set to air on Thursday, according to reports.

The Mail Online reports: Russia’s state media was gleeful about the ‘revelations’ they expected to come.

‘If Tucker dares to broadcast this interview in the United States, first and foremost, this will blow up their informational blockade from within,’ said political scientist Sergey Mikheyev, according to an analysis of Russian media by The Daily Beast.

Mikheyev, the site said, predicted Putin’s interview would be more interesting than anything said by American politicians.

He added both the Democratic and the Republican elites are ‘uninteresting and stupid,’ and said Carlson’s interview would have some ‘interesting’ consequences when revealed to an ignorant American public.

The host of the show, The Evening With Vladimir Solovyov, added: ‘It will blow them up into pieces!’ 

Mikheyev hopefully said: ‘God willing, there will be a civil war!’

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