Video: Painter David Huggins Says He Lost His Virginity To Alien Lover

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This is a true story – as in, the man who is featured believes it is true.  What do you think?  Hoax, crazy person, real, or is he seeking publicity?  According to The Huffington Post:  Above is David Huggins depiction of Crescent, his alien lover.

It’s not the kind of close encounter many people discuss, but one New Jersey-based artist says he feels better when he paints his sexual experiences with aliens.

“I lost my virginity to an extraterrestrial woman,” David Huggins says in the trailer for a forthcoming documentary about his life and work, “Love and Saucers.”

“It was just a relief to get the images on canvas,” the 70-year-old artist says.

Huggins, who lives in Hoboken, says the abductions began when he was 8 years old and have continued throughout his life. When he was 17, he says he began having sexual encounters with a female alien named Crescent.

Culture blog ANIMAL describes Huggins’ first encounter with Crescent:

She appeared human, except for her large, black eyes, a pale, pointy face and the wig. She disrobed. He disrobed. He laid down. She got on top. They consummated the start of their long-time and very long-distance romance.
Huggins says he’s fathered human-alien children across the galaxy, and that not all of them are with Crescent. Although many of his paintings depict erotic scenes, some of them are disturbing and violent.

Filmmaker Brad Abrahams says he believes that the encounters were real to Huggins.

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