Actress Launches Legal Action Against Big Pharma After Huge Stroke Caused by Covid Shot

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International stage actress Melle Stewart has launched legal action against AstraZeneca after suffering a massive stroke caused by the Covid vaccine.

Ms Stewart, 42, who was previously pro-vax, is taking legal action against the pharmaceutical company after a life-threatening stroke devastated her health and left her unable to work.

Now she feels she was misled about the vaccine’s safety and has become part of a group of people who are taking legal action against AstraZeneca in the UK.

The legal action could lead to as many as 80 damages claims totaling hundreds of millions of dollars.

Stewart had been enjoying a successful international career and had starred in the musical “Kiss Me Kate” in Belfast, Northern Ireland before the pandemic hit, where she had received standing ovations for her performance.

Two weeks after receiving the vaccine, she awoke with an unusual sensation on the right side of her body, and collapsed when attempting to get up.

Rapidly deteriorating, she was hospitalized, losing mobility and speech while experiencing seizures.

Neurosurgeons had to perform a cranial procedure to alleviate brain pressure. Ms. Stewart was formally diagnosed with Vaccine-Induced Thrombocytopenic Thrombosis (VITT), as two significant blood clots in her brain’s main veins caused a life-altering stroke.

Melle Stewart suffered a severe stroke after having the AstraZeneca vaccine
Melle Stewart had to learn to walk and talk again

Ms Stewart spent three weeks in an induced coma and received blood transfusions to try and flush antibodies caused by the vaccine, which were causing blood clots, out of her system.

When she regained consciousness she spent three months in hospital before being moved to a specialized rehabilitation hospital in London where she would learn to walk and talk again.

Ms Stewart was discharged from hospital in February 2022.

She and her partner Ben Lewis, 43, have since moved back to Brisbane to be closer to family.

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