White House Press Secretary Claims US Economy Is ‘Stronger’ Than Ever Before

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WH press secretary

White House Press Secretary Karine Jean-Pierre told reporters on Thursday that the US economy was in better shape than it has ever been historically.

Her remarks came as inflation continues to shatter 40 year highs.

Jean-Pierre said: “When we look at where we are economically — and we are stronger economically than we have been in history,” adding “When you look at the unemployment numbers at 3.6%, when you look at the jobs numbers, more than 8.7 million of new jobs created, that is important.”

Jean-Pierre repated the claim during an exchange with Fox News White House correspondent Peter Doocy, who pressed her about a recent Monmouth University poll showing that 88% of Americans think the country is on the wrong track.

Summit News reports: The press Secretary also claimed that Joe Biden is doing everything he can to lower living costs and energy prices, despite revelations that he sent large swathes of petroleum reserves abroad, including reportedly to companies his son hunter Biden has previously held stakes in.

She also echoed Joe Biden in blaming gas station owners for high prices, and again suggested a gas holiday tax, an idea that even Democrats have dismissed.

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