Call For Crisis Actors In Bernie Sanders’ Hometown During DNC

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An ad has appeared calling for crisis actors in Bernie Sanders' hometown the same week as the DNC convention

Three ads calling for crisis actors have appeared on Craigslist recently, coinciding in the week the 2016 Democratic National Convention is due to take place. 

The ad calls for crisis actors dressed in fake wounds for a military-style training exercise in Burlington, VT – Bernie Sanders’ hometown and his campaign headquarters. reports:

And with that, not one but THREE new calls for crisis actors are out on Craigslist.

(Note: all have been archived, as these things tend to disappear quickly.)

The first is from Linxx Global Solutions, a Government contracting company looking for role players for positions in the Ft A.P. Hill, VA area for a law enforcement exercise June 23, 2016  between 3pm-1am.


It reads:

Independent Contractors will act as Role Players (RPs) by posing as hostile, friendly or neutral personnel who will support scripted/preplanned reactions and/or interactions. RPs will wear assigned wardrobe and safety equipment while responding accordingly based on the scenario. RPs may be asked to operate various small arms with blank- and paint-marking ammunition. RPs must be comfortable around military working dogs. RPs will deliver a realistic performance based on the scenario objectives for training. RPs will take directions from the Site Manager.

Candidate Qualifications:
Resident of Ft A.P. Hill, VA or surrounding areas;
Basic knowledge of small-arms handling preferred, but not required;
Must be in good physical condition;
Must be U.S. citizen;
Cannot be active duty military;
Age 18–50;
Be comfortable around police working dogs.

NOTE: This task description is not intended to be all-inclusive. Independent Contractors may perform other related duties as negotiated to meet the ongoing needs to support the short term law enforcement exercise.

The second is for Arabic and Dari Role Players at McGuire AFB in New Jersey. The ad specifically calls for native speakers from the Middle East, “preferably Afghanistan or Iraq,” no dates given.

It reads:

We are a language and cultural training company and we provide language Instructors and Role Players to participate in military training scenarios at McGuire AFB.

Part-time job, usually one day per month on a Friday
Pays $24 per hour
No special skills needed, but MUST be a native speaker of Arabic, Dari or Pashto and be from the Middle East. Preferably Afghanistan or Iraq.
Basic English communication skills, including speaking and some reading
Must be able to email and be reachable by cell phone
Must have reliable transporation and be dependable

We participate in the Department of Homeland Security’s E-Verify program and all employees must be authorized to work in the US. Please send resume or contact information if you are interested. Thank you!!

The third is perhaps most suspect.

It’s a call for crisis actors in Burlington, VT July 26th through the 31st to be made up in moulage (fake wounds) for a large military-type exercise. Not only is this is Bernie Sanders’ hometown and the location of his campaign HQ, but the dates just so happen to overlap with the last three days of the Democratic National Convention.

Coincidence much?

The ad was put out by Foreign Language Services Simulation, LLC. The company lists its “defense scenarios” which include “simunitions” such as “AK 47 style rifles, M-4 style carbines, M-9 style side arms, pyro and many more simulated RPG, manikins, etc.”

The ad reads:

Location of work is Burlington, VT.
-Work dates are tentatively July 26th thru 31st.
Duties (include, but not limited to)
• Support military in instructional exercises in a nearby location.
· Simulate (act in) various scripted situations with realism to assist military training. ACTOR/ROLE PLAYING
• Applicants must live within 50 miles of the training locations and have their own transportation and be able to arrive at assembly areas on time.
• Role players will be Moulage (made-up) and transported to the appropriate sites.
• Be able to work long hours during various times of the day.
• Be physically capable of working in extreme weather conditions. Role players/Actors must be sufficiently fit to participate in training.
• Some role players/Actors will get extremely wet, prop clothing will be cut off and they will be scrubbed with brushes and a lot of water (possibly cold water).
• Be able to walk long distances and stand for extended periods.
• Be able to follow scripts and specific directions from FLSS staff and the military.
• Be able to read, write and speak English.
• Role Players/Actors be able to pass various background checks.
• Must be over 18 years old, all age groups are encouraged to apply.
All age groups over 18 years of age are welcome to apply.

-If interested, please contact our recruiter via email at;
you can request a phone call in your email and will call you back.
Foreign Language Services Simulation, LLC. (FLSS) is a leading language services company

It’s no secret that false flags seem to coincide with drills. Let’s hope these are nothing but drills.

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