China Allowed To Buy Farmland Next To Sensitive US Military Base In North Dakota

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The purchase of North Dakota farmland by a Chinese company has raised national security concerns.

Chinese food manufacturer Fufeng Group bought 300 acres of land near Grand Forks, North Dakota, to set up a milling plant. The land is located about 20 minutes from the Grand Forks Air Force Base home to some of the nation’s most sensitive military drone technology.

The base is also the home of a new space networking center which, according to a North Dakota senator, handles “the backbone of all U.S. military communications across the globe.”

Grand Forks also happens to be around 40 miles away from Grafton, North Dakota, where a limited liability company controlled by billionaire philanthropist Bill Gates recently paid $13 million for thousands of acres of prime famland.

NYPost reports: Three North Dakotans sold the land to Fufeng Group for $2.6 million, according to CNBC.

Like the Gates-linked purchase, the sale of local farmland to a Chinese company sparked a visceral reaction, according to one of the sellers, Gary Bridgeford.

That’s because the land is just a 20-minute drive from Grand Forks Air Force Base, which is believed to be the home of some of the country’s most sophisticated military drone technology.

Bridgeford told CNBC that some locals planted signs on his front yard condemning the transaction.

“I’ve been threatened,” he said. “I’ve been called every name in the book for selling property.”

Another local business owner, however, said the fears are justified. Craig Spicer, who runs a trucking company adjacent to the new Chinese-owned land, told CNBC: “It makes me feel nervous for my grandkids. It makes me feel nervous for my kids.”

Bridgeford insists that fears the Chinese government would use the area as a staging point for espionage operations are unfounded.

“How would they gain any knowledge of the base?” he asked. “It’s about 12 miles away. It isn’t like its next door.”

Bridgeford added: “People hear the China stuff and there’s concern.”

“But everyone has a phone in their pocket that was probably made in China. Where do you draw the line?”

ufeng Group said it is planning to use the land to build a $700 million corn milling plant that would create at least 200 jobs as well as residual opportunities for logistics, trucking, and other services.

But US military officials are raising the alarm nonetheless. Senior Air Force officers circulated a memo in April warning that the presence of Fufeng Group in Grand Forks, a town of just 60,000 people, was a national security threat.

“Some of the most sensitive elements of Grand Forks exist with the digital uplinks and downlinks inherent with unmanned air systems and their interaction with space-based assets,” wrote US Air Force Maj. Jeremy Fox.

A Chinese firm with close proximity to such data “would present a costly national security risk causing grave damage to United States’ strategic advantages.”

Sen. Kevin Cramer (R-ND) has also expressed opposition to the presence of Fufeng Group, which he views as a front for the Chinese government.

“I think we grossly under appreciate how effective they are at collecting information, collecting data, using it in nefarious ways,” Cramer told CNBC.

“And so I’d just as soon not have the Chinese Communist Party doing business in my back yard.”

Sen. Mark Warner (D-Va.), who chairs the powerful Senate Intelligence Committee, echoed that sentiment.

“The Senate Intelligence Committee has been loudly sounding the alarm about the counterintelligence threat posed by the (People’s Republic of China),” said Warner.

“We should be seriously concerned about Chinese investment in locations close to sensitive sites, such as military bases around the US.”

Liu Pengyu, a spokesperson for the Chinese embassy in Washington, DC, told The Post: “The Chinese government encourages Chinese enterprises to conduct overseas investment and cooperation on the basis of local laws.”


  1. That area where Gates is just also happens to be surrounded by Jesuit operations Everywhere there All over And as you know the Jesuits have been controlling China for the last 240 years and in fact the world .Their problem is coming out .How do they come out ?The while world thinks its democratic and has it’s own government. People arent ready for the truth .

  2. Oh no! the evil Yellow menace! and how many millions of acres of potential farmland does (fake beef) Bill Gates own? I had to jump through hoops to own, through a Mexican National as proxy.. a small apartment in Quintana Roo! We could have the same rules here except the Rich Politicians don’t want that! Blaming China or Chinese investors for investing in land here is ugly comedy. Cheers.

    • Exactly And look at China The whole country practically is full of foreign industrialists factories

  3. Ground based intelligence is outdated. It’s the satellite electronic intelligence that has value to any country, including the United States and China.

    Why do we have to wait for China to invest in a corn plant? It goes to show, domestic investors refuse to put money into the United States.

    Anywhere the devious Bill Gates goes, it’s like, “What’s he up to?”

  4. And.. with 1000 US military bases worldwide? Most every country owns or buys land ‘adjacent’ to one or more. Sick of the fearmongering. Peace out.

    • Maybe you should actually worry about your own state.
      A Chinese company bought 149,000 acres by Laughlin Airbase, in Val Verde Co.,
      Texas, with an airstrip, for a wind and solar farm. The man that owns it is a member of the Chinese Communist Party. He owns 7% of all land Val Verde Co.

      Look it up. There is a list of what he owns in Texas. A real eye opener.

      Aug 9, 2021
      ‘Why A Secretive Chinese Billionaire Bought 140,000 Acres Of Land In Texas’

  5. Americans biggest enemy has been their education Director Generals which is a quasi military organisation You know the Jesuits are renowned as the teachers but Theure actually a MILITARY Order, not ecclesiastical. Military. Soldiers under the Jesuit General.
    Americans are deceived at school. Brainwashed and conditioned to respond to stimuli.

  6. Those jobs will go to Chinese nationals to manufacture food for Chinese. As Americans are forced off their farmland from this manufactured crisis because they can’t afford fuel, fertilizer, and feed, the Chinese will buy more.

  7. If this isn’t unlawful it should be. American land should only belong to Americans. Enough of this insanity.

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