Biden Blasted For Denying ‘Trans Visibility’ Declaration On Easter

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The US president denied issuing the proclaimtion a day after making it

Joe Biden

Joe Biden has denied proclaiming the ‘Transgender Day of Visibility’ on Easter Sunday

Does he really not know that his administration published the proclamation in his name?

Did he forget that he signed it…or is he lying?

When reporters asked the puppet president about it on Monday, he replied, “I didn’t do that” and even slammed Speaker Mike Johnson as being ‘thoroughly uninformed’ for accusing him of doing so. 

For some reason, the press didn’t see fit to confront Biden with evidence of his proclamation.

InfoWars reports: The problem is: Biden’s White House website and social media accounts all proclaimed Easter “Trans Visibility” day, and everyone on X proceeded to debunk Biden’s gaslighting attempt with screenshots of his administration’s proclamation.

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