Video: Dwarf Planet May Have Lush Fresh Water Supply

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Via GeoBeats News:  Ceres, a dwarf planet in our solar planet’s asteroid belt, was recently discovered to have a potentially lush supply of fresh water.

Scientists say that if the ice on the orb’s surface melted, the resulting quantity of the stuff would likely be greater than Earth’s.

The finding came via the Herschel telescope and was made by the European Space Agency.

Their recent perusal of images the Herschel had taken revealed that in some of them there was evidence of water vapor.

That Ceres has a good amount of ice on its surface was already widely accepted by the space community, but remained unconfirmed until now.

The vapor coming from it wasn’t observed in every picture, so it’s been hypothesized that, just like here on Earth, when Ceres gets closer to the sun, the ice melts.

Of course, even the world’s most powerful space-borne telescope can only reveal so much.

As luck would have it, NASA’s space probe Dawn is scheduled to swing by Ceres next year.

When it does, the astronomers hope that its findings can help fill in some of the information gaps about the dwarf planet.

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