Bombshell Georgia Guidestones 2014 Revelation – “I Put The Cube In The Guidestones”

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A great article via Susan Duclos (link):

When a mysterious cube was added to the controversial Georgia Guidestones with the number 2014, the internet went crazy, theories came out fast and furiously, but now, with visual evidence backing up this bombshell claim of “I put the 2014 CUBE in the Guidestones,” an explanation is finally provided as to what it means, how it was placed and by whom…. shown in the video below.

The Guidestones are the door to the future and the Cube is the Key. 9/11 & 4/11 is what all of time revolves around and this is an attempt to try and explain what that means.


Since the numbers associated with the Cube are 11/4 & 11/8 this video had to follow the same…created on 11/4 and released on 11/8.



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