Former Disney Star, Who Was Molested as Child, Says She Is ‘Pansexual’

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Former Disney child star Bella Thorne came out as "pansexual" in a TV interview on Monday, revealing that she doesn’t base her love life on gender, sexual identity or sexuality.

Former Disney child star Bella Thorne came out as “pansexual” in a TV interview on Monday, revealing that she doesn’t base her love life on gender, sexual identity or sexuality. 

The 21-year-old actress, who previously considered herself to be bisexual, explained the approach to her dating life as “you like what you like.”

“I’m actually pansexual and I didn’t know that. Somebody explained to me really thoroughly what that is,” Thorne revealed on “Good Morning America” while promoting her new book “Life of a Wannabe Mogul.”

The former child star also discussed in a recent interview that she was molested from age 6 to 14 while working for Disney

In the interview, the starlet, who played CeCe Jones in Shake It Up, was asked by an audience member about the transition between being tightly controlled by Disney and to where she can now freely express herself.

Thorne stated:

“The transition, it’s definitely tough. But it is what it is. It’s like anything in my life. If you read the book you’ll be like, ‘Haha transitioning from Disney to this was f****** easy.’ I don’t know. Getting molested for f****** from when your six to your fourteen seems like way harder circumstances. You’re being physically abused all the time. Seems like a much more difficult situation than f****** having paparazzi following you since you were twelve. Um, I don’t know. I was still being molested when paparazzi were still f****** following me. So it’s pretty hard in my mind to think of these big flashlight photographs, and everyone thinking they know me and talking about me, but having no idea the type of mistreatment that I was still dealing with at that time. That everyone around me saw and did nothing. So, I don’t know you tell me what’s so hard. ‘Cause that to me, way harder than any of this other shit I deal with on a daily basis.”

Not only did Bella Throne claim she was being sexually abused at a very young age while working for Disney. But she also claims in her statement that people knew what was going on and did nothing to stop the abuse.

Thorne would also discuss her time at Disney in an interview with BuzzFeed News.

“Coming up from being a child actress … Disney specifically has its prim and perfect box and you know, I never was that girl … I was always the little shit kicker. And so with them putting me in this box was was really a hard box for me to obtain … I’m just trying to get to normal, whatever my normal is, because this person that you love so much, it’s literally not me. I don’t know who that is and I don’t want to be that.”

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  1. Disney is brutal for trauma based mind control. The atrocities they do to these kids is unreal. Walt Disney was tied up with the Mafia and satanic rat pack, there is a huge underground tunnel system under disney land, it should be called torture land. Almost all Disney movies have occult roots and ideologies that they are brainwashing the kids with.

    • Not a bad point. Except what goes on in Disney is what goes on in at least 1 in 3 American homes. The amount of people finally able to be open in my HS alone that talked about their siblings or relatives raping them was absurd. That’s over a decade ago, and things have only gotten worse.

      The reason there are so few reasonably normal people to begin with is because people are busy getting bullied, beating, raped, indoctrinated into religions/cults, put on drugs, using drugs themselves, or forced to volunteer/work way too young. That is an American childhood for more than 1 in 2.

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