Finance Minister Says Closing Borders Will Drive Germans To Incest

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Finance Minister Says Closing Borders Will Drive Germans To Incest

Germany’s Finance Minister told a German newspaper this week that closing European borders would lead Germany to incest.

Defending his government’s migration policy with a strange argument Wolfgang Schäuble told Die Zeit

“Isolation is what would ruin us – it would lead us into incest”

Sputnik news reports:

“Muslims are an enrichment of our openness and our diversity,” he continued. “Look at the third generation of [German] Turks, especially the women. That is an enormous innovation potential.”

So, according to Herr Schauble, if Europe closes its borders and never ever lets anyone from outside in a more strict enclosure than that of North Korean, then men of Germany, a part of European Union will inevitable have to resort to fornicate with their sisters and daughters.

There are different speculations about the minimum size of human society that can successfully procreate without inbreeding, with estimations vary significantly, from only 8 people to some 10,000 people. But none of them come even close to Germany’s current population of 80,000,000 people. Let alone EU’s total of 508.2 million (as of January 2015).

Aside from Herr Schauble being, by all regards, scientifically inaccurate, it is remarkable that a highest-ranking politician in Germany, responsible for financial policy, has resorted not to financial, but to racial arguments.

Impressed by Finance Minister’s words, German news outlet Der Tagesspiel underscores that, while praising immigration on the outside, Schauble’s remarks about Turkish women being “a potential” are somewhat insulting in their core, as calling people a “potential” in genetic sense totally disregards anything they have done or created, but takes them only as biological breeding material.

There are also fears that Schauble’s words could be perceived by some as indulging any violation of law by the migrants, sparking more nationalist tensions across the country.

But even possible consequences aside, Schauble’s words ring an alarm to Der Tagesspiel, as they say that while Schauble’s words were opportunistic, the very idea of racial mix of a nation being an object of policy is totalitarian.



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