Harvard Scientists Advocate Geoengineering – Admit ‘Chemtrails’ Are Not A Conspiracy

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Harvard scientists advocate geoengineering experiments on the public admitting that chemtrails theory is not a conspiracy

A team of Harvard scientists have announced plans to perform geoengineering experiments on the public, and have admitted for the first time that ‘chemtrails’ are not a conspiracy theory. 

The scientists plan on releasing aerosol sprays into the atmosphere in order to attempt to gain control over the Earth’s climate and combat global warming.

The Harvard researchers insist these weather modification experiments, scheduled to take place later this year, are the “first of their kind.” But this is extremely unlikely seeing as the United Nations admitted last year that chemtrails were a real phenomena that were being secretly conducted by governments worldwide.

Naturalnews.com reports: EPA whistleblower Michael Davis, who served with the agency for 16 years and worked for the National Pollution Discharge Elimination Systems (NPDES) Programs Branch of the Water Division in Region 5, located in Chicago, Illinois, came forward earlier this year to expose the federal agency’s geoengineering efforts. Davis was reportedly fired for daring to speak up about his concerns. “I was terminated as a public servant performing a public service for raising the issues of anthropogenic deposition of aluminum due to atmospheric geoengineering,” he stated.

Davis is not the only scientist who has concerns about the consequences of attempted climate control. The controversial technique of using aerosol sprays to block the sun’s rays could yield catastrophic consequences. Not only would carbon dioxide continue to build up, but some researchers say that should we ever need to stop spraying the aerosols — perhaps because of damage done to the environment as the compounds fall to the ground — it could inevitably lead to an expedited global shift in temperature.

As Daily Mail explains, in the past, researchers were at least focused on using non-reactive compounds. Funnily enough, referencing past research clearly shows that geoengineering is not new. The use of non-reactive compounds was first investigated as a way to minimize damage to the ozone layer, but researchers are now throwing caution to the wind.

“Instead of trying to minimise the reactivity of the aerosol, we wanted a material that is highly reactive but in a way that would avoid ozone destruction,” said co-author Frank Keutsch. The researchers are reportedly now focusing on calcite, which is a fairly reactive compound found in limestone. This an odd choice because when calcite breaks down, it produces carbon dioxide — which is what climate change enthusiasts generally blame for climate change to begin with.

Calcite is known for doing this in the presence of an acid, specifically diluted hydrochloric acid (HCl). And as research has documented, this acid is present in Earth’s atmosphere — and in 2014, it was documented that the amount of HCl in the Earth’s stratosphere had increased. You can see where this is going: If these two compounds were to meet, it could potentially lead to the production of more CO2, especially given that nano-sized or smaller particles of calcite would be needed to create an aerosol.

As the National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration explains, “Carbon dioxide belongs to a category of gases known as ‘greenhouse gases.’” Greenhouse gases are considered to be one of the factors that contribute to the “global warming” that these geoengineering efforts are purportedly being designed to fight.

Perhaps this is why the researchers say that if the sun’s rays were no longer blocked, their efforts would actually cause Earth’s temperature to shift even faster.


  1. There are great areas of forest in Canada, which are dead from aluminum poisoning from Chemtrails. When they catch fire, it will be out of control and very devastating. Also the chemtrails cause death and sickness from respiratory problems due to the fine metal particles lodging in the lungs. AND, HARVARD, and the USA “government”, never tell the truth.

    • John, you are ABSOLUTELY CORRECT.
      Harvard, once the most prestigious university, now is no more than a government shill. The article indicates several of freudian slips, such as “…experiments on the public.” Weather is not ON the public, but poisonous sprays ARE, and “first of their kind” (meaning non-poisonous, unlike those being sprayed over the last fre decades and STILL being sprayed).
      The article then does go on to recount other evidence of this treacherous program, and kudos for that.

  2. Great photo; clearly showing how chemtrails come from nozzles on the wing, and NOT from the engines like vapor trails. Please see John’s comment (below?) and my “reply”, also.

  3. When was Harvard given authority to experiment on the american people with no accountability. Its been goong on for years an years..STOP destroying our planet!!!NOW agenda must be stopped

  4. Could we talk about climate warming has been caused over decades by government. US actived nuclear weapons far above polar axis in 60s, to help melt ice. And Haarp has been pushing stratosphere above polar axis to further melting of the ice in Antiaratica

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