Harvard Scientists Plan ‘Chemtrails’ Experiment On Public

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Harvard to conduct geoengineering experiments

A $20 million Harvard University project will send aerosol injections up into the earth’s stratosphere, in the world’s biggest chemtrails experiment on the public to date. 

Two US scientists say they hope to solve the problem of global warming by conducting the world’s biggest and most expensive solar geoengineering project within the next few weeks.

The aim of the program is to establish whether chemtrail technology can simulate the atmospheric cooling effects of a volcanic eruoption, in a desperate attempt to halt climate change.

This is not the first or the only university study,” said Gernot Wagner, the one of the project’s co-founders, “but it is most certainly the largest, and the most comprehensive.”

Technologyreview.com reports:

The basic idea is that spraying certain types of particles into the stratosphere could help reflect more heat back into space. Scientists believe it could work because nature already does it. Large volcanic eruptions in the past have blasted tens of millions of tons of sulfur dioxide into the sky, which contributed to lower global temperatures in subsequent months.

What’s less clear is how precisely the technique could control worldwide temperatures, what materials would work best, and what the environmental side effects might be. Notably, previous volcanic eruptions have also decreased precipitation levels in parts of the world, and sulfur dioxide is known to deplete the protective ozone layer.

Keith has previously used computer modeling to explore the possibility of using other materials that may have a neutral impact on ozone, including diamond dust and alumina. Late last year, he, Keutsch, and others published a paper that found using calcite, a mineral made up of calcium carbonate, “may cool the planet while simultaneously repairing the ozone layer.”

The balloon tests could provide additional insight into how these chemicals actually interact with precursors to ozone in the real world and offer additional information that could help refine their understanding of solar geoengineering, he says: “You have to go measure things in the real world because nature surprises you.”

Keith stresses that it’s too early to say whether any geoengineering technologies should ever be deployed. But he has argued for years that research should move ahead to better understand their capabilities and dangers, because it’s possible they could significantly reduce the risks of climate change. He stressed that the experiments would have negligible environment impacts, as they will involve no more than a kilogram of materials.

Funding for the initial experiments would come from grants that Harvard provided Keith and Keutsch as new professors. Additional funds may come from Harvard’s Solar Geoengineering Research Program, a multidisciplinary effort launching this spring to study feasibility, risks, ethics, and governance issues surrounding geoengineering. As of press time, it had raised more than $7 million from Microsoft cofounder Bill Gates, the Hewlett Foundation, the Alfred P. Sloan Foundation, Harvard-internal funds, and other philanthropists.

Geoengineering critics argue that the climate system is too complex to meddle with, that the environmental risks are too high, or that even talking about technological “fixes” could ease pressure to cut greenhouse gas emissions.

Only two known geoengineering experiments have been carried out in the open air to  date: University of California, San Diego, researchers sprayed salt particles off the coast of California as part of the E-PEACE experiment in 2011, and scientists in Russia dispersed sulfate particles from a helicopter and car in 2009. The so called SPICE experiment in the United Kingdom was quickly scuttled in 2012, following public criticism and conflict of interest accusations after several of the scientists applied for a related patent.

In an earlier interview, Jane Long, a former associate director at Lawrence Livermore National Laboratory, stressed that researchers moving forward with geoengineering experiments need to go to great lengths to ensure proper public notification, opportunities for input, and appropriate oversight, particularly if they’re relying on private funds. But she said it’s time to begin seriously studying the technology’s potential given the growing dangers of climate change.

“We should have started a decade ago,” she said. “It’s critical to know as much as we can as soon as we can.”


  1. An experiment?!!? They talk about it as if this will be the first time it’s been done. What about the heavy chemtrails spraying that has been going on incessantly in the West since the 1990s?

    Yet more ridiculous doublespeak and disinformation from the zio cabal.

    • Absolutely agreed. At least this time we have the names of the principles. It would be nice to see complete dossiers on these people. How about it anonymous?

    • “heavy chemtrails spraying that has been going on incessantly in the West since the 1990s?”
      It’s just a conspiracy theory thought up by delusional right-wing wackos – just ask a brainwashed liberal in Santa Barbara.

      • actually i remember my uncle talking about chemtrails in the 70s he said watch a movie called “DUEL” and in that movie the sky was full of chemtrails

        • MSM here in Santa Barbara refuses to acknowledge chemtrails. This morning, AM 1290 included “anticipate contrails” in its weather report – LOL! I’m a pilot, and this sounds a lot like “anticipate bird strikes”.

          I’ve never heard of Duel, but I’ll check it out – thanks.

          • Anticipate contrails? That is a new one. Yeah, it is like anticipate the sun coming up.

          • Contrails are the result of the normal condensation of water vapor; dependent on temperature and the water content of the atmosphere. It’s not possible to predict this accurately – VFR pilots check weather reports frequently to avoid getting stuck in clouds, as a reference. The local prediction of contrails is a disinfo denial of the government’s announced spraying of both water and aluminum oxide “to mitigate global warming”; predictable, since it was announced in advance of the aerial spraying.

  2. This is a bad idea. Why?
    Volcano blasts so large that they cover large parts of the atmosphere are exceptional events that intervene with the ecological process loop of this planet. This can be stated because this very same eco process loop is responsible for cleaning out and up the atmosphere from particles spewed out by these volcanoes.
    Sulfur compounds do NOT belong in our atmosphere on a permanent basis. Period.

    • Miss, you have been conned by the peast plausible of all the internet hoaxes/scams and it is because you are a horrible combination of scientifically illiterate, paranoid and an irrational thinker. These are the three core traits of every chemtard.

  3. Everyone on here go yo YouTube and type in the name “Kristen Meghan”. Ex Military Industrial Hygenist whistleblower.

      • Hahahaha!!! You’re hilarious. No really. How much are they paying you to Troll disinformarion or are you really just that stupid? LITERALLY your link was one of the mentions in one of her most notable press conferences – idiot. But nice try. You Trolls should realize you’re one of us already, breathing the same air. Surely you could’ve come up with a much better disinformation response. Stupid. https://youtu.be/jHm0XhtDyZA

        • You should realise that I am breathing the same air as you. If what you claim wes going on was really going on then I would be doing everything I could to stop it, and so would you. Instead you don’t even bother identifying the planes you see making trails in the sky, even though it is child’s play to do so. It makes no sense at all. I don’t believe you truly believe you are being poisoned, otherwise you would be doing something.

          Kristen Meghan is not and never has been a chemtrails whistelblower. She stated that in her own words, and now she tries to pretend that she never said it, because she has realised how lucrative the chemtrail gigs are. She’s welcome to sue me if she thinks that is incorrect, because I have solid proof that she wrote it and that she is therefore a liar.

      • Metabunk should be called metajunk – run by that computer games nurd Mick West who has no scientific knowledge whatsoever but is happy to take the blood money for being a shifty shill!

        • If Metabunk is so terrible then why did Kristen Meghan register and post there? (And don’t try to claim she didn’t; the IP, and registration email records are available to confirm that it was her.)

          Mick West doesn’t claim to be a scientist. Metabunk is a public site. Anyone can register, free of charge (no blood money needed!) and post there without being censored. If you think something on the site is incorrect then you are welcome to post there and explain why. And, unlike chemtrail websites, your post will actually appear rather than being censored for not conforming to the party line.

  4. They been dumping the fly ash with the heavy metal particles which get caught in the lungs causing repertory problems for people, and damage to Nature, for years. How about the public have an experiment where they see if a Harvard ass holes can run faster when a bunch of the unwashed masses are chasing them with pitchforks

    • Nice made-up story. Can you provide any evidence of that? (Without recourse to retracted papers by Marvin Herndon!)

      • I don’t give flying whatever about what you think, throw the truth out there, you don’t like, your problem. I do not like ignorant sheep or Hazbara trolls. begone.

    • You appear to be extremely gullible. Ever wonder why almost three years after that hearing, nothing has happened? Because they were making it up and offered no evidence.

      • I’m sure your position on this issue is not without it’s founding belief. But you’d be foolish to assume that no evidence exists. I posit you simply haven’t looked hard enough.

        • I’ve looked pretty hard. I’ve been looking onto this chemtrail stuff for several years. I have yet to find a single shred of evidence. The whole thing is based on one simple misunderstanding – that contrails shouldn’t linger in the sky. Ones you realise that is nonsense, the entire theory has nothing.

  5. Listen up chemtards. The “chemtrails” hoax is based on a purposeful misunderstanding of ice contrails. Even allowing you your “chemtrails” they are white trails left behind by large jet planes. None of those planes can fly higher than 45,000 feet. If the do get that high, they can’t get lift and begin to descend., VERY dangerous situation. This proposed experiment would deploy a thin INVISIBLE stream of sulphates from a BALLOON at least 65,000 feet up in the sky. That’s 20,000 feet higher than the planes can go. Whoever wrote the headline to this artice is a fucking moron, as is anybody who swallows it (like all chamtards do).

      • Neil is right. The field trial will use a balloon. (The initial test will only release water, or possibly calcite, but sulphates are the materials that would most likely eventually be used in full-scale deployment.) It says right there in the article which you apparently didn’t read: “The balloon tests could provide additional insight into how these chemicals actually interact with precursors to ozone in the real world and offer additional information that could help refine their understanding of solar geoengineering”

      • Yes he is and the guy below is a Trolling disinformation account. All he comments on is chemtrail pages and it always all disinformation. Some people are REALLY desperate for a dollar.

        • Yes the People who have Youtube Accounts and Followers of the CON trail Theories. are Trying to make a Buk or Two from the CON spiracy. Did you Read What Harvard Plan to do ? USE a Balloon not a Jet engine or Powered Aircraft So a Weather Balloon to release a Kilogram of Particles According to the Harvard University Site

    • Do you not agree that dozens of countries spending millions of dollars researching geoengineering solutions? The reports are public and easily found if you’re actually interested in learning the truth.

      Also, why are so many universities offering degrees in geoengineering?

  6. this is happening already daily in our sky,what do they think we are idiots,this has been going on for years…..

  7. The idiots. If these chemtrails–which are abundant in the Midwest–can reflect heat back into space, they can also reflect heat escaping the Earth back to the surface.

  8. Is Jane kidding? Is she living underground? Should have considered this long ago? WTF Look up my dear, the skies have been criss-crossed with chemtrails for ages. And usinig alumna? Yeah, we are already being poisoned with alumina.

  9. Study the ‘real agenda’ (against humanity) that’s behind chemtrails

    Also study toxic metals used in chemtrails (barium) it’s in our drinking water

    Want to read the real truth on almost any topic? Avoid the entire establishment media as well as “gatekeeper” websites like Google, Facebook and Yahoo. They are now coordinating to silence or censor all views that don’t support their twisted, fabricated, false “facts” (which are all politically motivated). Use GoodGopher.com as your news search engine. Check AlternativeNews.com for headlines updated throughout the day. Follow your favorite topics on Fetch.news. This is how you free your mind and discover REAL truth in a world full of malicious lies parading around as consensus facts.

  10. This is a crime against humanity! It has been going on for decades but they try to legitimise and now pretend they are about to start it simply because too many people have woken up to what is going on. How in H*ll’s name are these people being allowed to do this when it is know that the heavy metals, chemicals, blood spores, vaccines, etc, included in this toxic spray are slowly killing all living things on Earth? That is the purpose of it, certainly nothing to do with cooling the planet (which is not warming anyway) when the blanket coverage of mostly aluminium chaff (causes brain, lung diseases, etc,) will result in trapping heat IN. I just hope and pray President Trump is able to stop this Luciferian abomination as he promised in the past few days or God help us all.

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