Bio-Terrorist Bill Gates Wants ‘New World Order’ to Institute International Lockdowns

Fact checked
Bill Gates says he wants the power to call for international lockdowns

Bill Gates wants the ‘New World Order’ to have the power to compel sovereign governments worldwide to lockdown their countries.

Jeffrey Tucker of the Brownstone Institute talked to Steve Bannon recently about Bill Gates’ chilling presentation at the World Economic Forum.

“He’s not an intellectual. He’s actually, I’m sorry, a powerful but extremely stupid man, who knows nothing about cell biology. I sent that clip to a bunch of scientists connected with Brownstone and they were mortified. You know, like, ‘Why are these people running the world instead of people who actually understand cell biology and viruses.”



  1. There need to be a lock down of these people. They want to lock us down while they go about their lives–their BS is getting so old.

  2. Bet you any money you like while he advocates for your imprisonment he’ll continue to move about freely. I’m sure many have forgotten about the lavish wedding he had for his daughter when he was preaching about how people need to be shut in their homes and taking dose after dose of his poison.

  3. It’s to batter peiple psychologicaly, the whole world into learned helplessness for the upper classes advantage. Its basic straight out dog obedience training Sir stay lie down roll over sleep beg.

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