New Guidance Says Trans Men Should Be Supported To ‘Chestfeed’ Their Babies

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Trans men should be supported to chestfeed their babies should they choose to do so, according to experts.

The Royal College of Obstetricians and Gynaecologists has issued a new draft guideline which says that trans men should be asked about their preferred manner of feeding before their baby is born and those who chose to chestfeed should be offered “chestfeeding support in the same manner as for cis-women”.

MSN reports: The guideline covers care for trans and gender diverse people though childbirth, contraception, fertility, gynaecological procedures and cancer treatment and care.

The document, which has been put out for consultation, makes a series of recommendations to help improve care.

It also says trans and gender diverse people should be offered advice about fertility preservation when considering gender-affirming surgery or hormone therapies.

It advises that trans men who conceive while taking masculinising hormone therapy should stop taking the hormones “as soon as possible” while those who are planning to conceive should stop their therapy for three months prior to conception.

And it urges healthcare workers to be aware trans and gender diverse people often face barriers when accessing healthcare services and to take steps to ensure they have easy access to care without “their gender being questioned or their confidentiality breached”.

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