UK Leadership Debate Taken Off-Air After Fully Vaccinated Host Collapses Live on TV

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A double vaccinated and boosted British TV presenter collapsed live on air as she hosted a debate between two politicians vying to become the UK’s next prime minister.

Presenter Kate McCann, of British network TalkTV, was hosting the live political debate when she crashed to the floor in dramatic scenes, leaving Conservative politician Liz Truss, who was speaking at the time, in shock.

Watch the dramatic moment in the video below.

Former chancellor Rishi Sunak and Foreign Secretary Liz Truss were in the middle of their second debate when the “medical incident” occurred.

Truss was in the middle of an answer about Ukraine, when a crashing sound could be heard. Stunned, the Tory MP could only respond, “Oh my God”.

Conservative politician Liz Truss was shocked by the “medical incident” live on set

Liz Truss then walked over to the place where McCann had collapsed.

The British leadership debate was immediately taken off-air, with a message appearing on the screen saying: “We are sorry for the disruption to this program. We are working hard to fix the issue and will return to normal programming soon.”

Shortly after the incident, TalkTV confirmed the debate would not continue, issuing the following statement:

Kate McCann fainted on air tonight and although she is fine, the medical advice was that we shouldn’t continue with the debate,” the organisation tweeted. “We apologise to our viewers and listeners.

Kate McCann is a vaccine ultra, regularly tweeting her support for the vaccination program and encouraging her followers to get vaccinated.

On top of being double jabbed and boosted for Covid-19, McCann has also tweeted about receiving seasonal flu vaccines.

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Baxter Dmitry

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  1. Maybe they’re using Vodafone I get that you tube might be down or have moved message, or this site cant be reached, message with them an awful lot .They re very very slow .

  2. In fact I’m using Vodafone now and its taken me almost 20 minutes to load this page and even then it was saying the gideons were fine or might have moved I thought that was on your site But it’s just Vodafone..10 per cent of battery gone with all the “background usage ” working really really hard to deliver services.

  3. Could be Vax injury? Just as likely she passed out from having to listen to British Politicians.

  4. Over on the MSMs, the normies are commenting she probably had low blood sugar or locked her knees. Normies gonna normalize….

  5. Rupert Murdoch was asked once why he liked England and despised the EU to which he replied, that’s easy, when I go to Downing St they do as I say, when I go to Brussels they ignore me ” So you see the debate was just a fraud anyway. Luke do many” services “.

      • And now we know why England’s heading in the wrong direction. Rupert the Catholics, had 4 wife’s. That’s not really acceptable to Catholics, not really they just pretend it’s all good because the Vatican changed its mind after about 1400 years of tradition, to be fashionably Liberal. And let’s face it 3 of his marriages each
        only lasted about 12 years and the 4 barely half that. So how good is he at knowing people.?

  6. The scientists at La Quinta Columna in Spain also found graphene oxide in a European flu vaccine.

  7. The puppet masters don’t want the British public to hear these inadequate’s platitudinous waffle, so cut the show before they cause a revolt. When Oxford and Cambridge universities are supposed to turn out so many ‘geniuses’ every year why are parliamentarians so inadequate ?, intelligent capable people realise that it’s just a puppet show, and they don’t want to be made fools of.

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