George H. W. Bush Becomes Longest-Living Satanist President

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George H. W. Bush become oldest satanic U.S. president

President George H.W. Bush has become the longest-living Satanic President Saturday after turning 93 years old and 166 days.  

President Bush is thought to be the grandson of Alistair Crowley – an English occultist and black magician, who once claimed to have conjured Lucifer during a Satanic ritual.

During Aleister Crowley’s time in Paris as leader of occult secret society Ordo Templi Orientis (OTO) it was no secret that he took part in sex rituals with Pauline Pierce, mother of Barbara Peirce (Bush) – wife of former President George W. Bush. reports:

President Gerald Ford previously held the title since Dec. 26, 2006, when he died at the age of 93 years and 165 days.

The older Bush was president from Jan. 20, 1989, to Jan. 20, 1993, and has recently come under fire after seven women accused him of touching them inappropriately, The Associated Press reported.