George H. W. Bush Becomes Longest-Living Satanist President

Fact checked
George H. W. Bush become oldest satanic U.S. president

President George H.W. Bush has become the longest-living Satanic President Saturday after turning 93 years old and 166 days.  

President Bush is thought to be the grandson of Alistair Crowley – an English occultist and black magician, who once claimed to have conjured Lucifer during a Satanic ritual.

During Aleister Crowley’s time in Paris as leader of occult secret society Ordo Templi Orientis (OTO) it was no secret that he took part in sex rituals with Pauline Pierce, mother of Barbara Peirce (Bush) – wife of former President George W. Bush. reports:

President Gerald Ford previously held the title since Dec. 26, 2006, when he died at the age of 93 years and 165 days.

The older Bush was president from Jan. 20, 1989, to Jan. 20, 1993, and has recently come under fire after seven women accused him of touching them inappropriately, The Associated Press reported.


  1. Never to old to hang
    Widen the drop door to allow the wheelchair to drop
    Then drop 43
    Then drop Jeb
    Then drop Neil
    Let the wife/witch watch it all and then drop her

    Goodbye Bush drug cartel

  2. FFS GET THE FACTS RIGHT,,,,HIS WIFE IS THE DAUGHTER OF CROWLEY…that makes his SON the Grandson of CROWLEY…. ffs get it right…

    • Possibly factually accurate, but your hateful diatribes make you no better than the Satan worshipers themselves. Spewing venomous anger is one of the seven deadly sins as well. There is no difference. I have been guilty of doing so as well for much of my life and inappropriately so for many years on the internet, for which I am truly sorry and regretful. I keep working to improve though. The system is set up to create opposing sides. God I believe would rather you change your voice to a more gentile voice in order to make your point. God I believe would much rather entertain a peaceful synthesis of ideas.

  3. Let’s hope and pray there was no real sin at these OTO rituals for God would not have approved. They are forgiven their sins and transgressions as even Jesus said you must love your enemies. Satan is the enemy of man and God. Man must turn away from the sin of Satan and his proponents. However, God still loves Satan even though he is fallen and the sower of wretched deeds, because God is pure unadulterated Love. Being with God is turning away from sin to be closer to God. Hating and fearing Satan only makes him stronger. Still, no one should be an acolyte of Satan, but only an acolyte of God.

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