Putin Vows To Protect Assad From US Dirty Tricks

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Putin promises to protect Assad against US dirty tricks in Syria

Russian President Vladimir Putin has said that the United States is playing dirty tricks in its attack on the Syrian army, claiming Washington are desperately trying to oust Assad from Syria. 

Putin claims that the U.S. cannot separate “healthy” opposition forces from terrorist organisations such as ISIS.

This is due to the difficulties faced by the United States on the Syrian track. The difficulty lies in the fact that they can not separate the so-called healthy part of the opposition from the semi-criminal and terrorist elements “, the RIA quotes Putin as saying.

Fort-russ.com reports:

According to Putin, the United States benefits from maintaining this confusion, to bolster the combat potential in their actual fight against Syrian President Bashar Assad.

“In my opinion, this is dictated by the desire to maintain the combat potential in the fight against the legitimate government of President Assad, but it is a very dangerous road, we talked a lot about it. It seems that our American partners are again stepping on the same rake, which they attacked repeatedly. This is a dangerous direction of development “, he stressed.

Commenting on the situation with the US reluctance to reveal the essence of the agreement with Russia on Syria, Putin said that it is not surprised by the position of Washington.

“Our American partners – they are everywhere and always in favor of openness and transparency. it is surprising to me that in this case, they are moving away from this postulate of theirs “, Putin said.

“If they publish the agreement between Russia and the United States on Syria, it will be clear who and what does not perform”, said the president.

“We have agreed that there should be a separation of Al-Nusra and others like it, and show where they are, separate from the so-called healthy forces. But what do we see now? Now we do not see separation of terrorists from the healthy part of the opposition, and we see attempts to regroup from these terrorists, “he said.

“Russia’s position on the disclosure of the agreements with the United States will remain the same as long as it does we do not have a disagreement with our American partners.”

“I do not really understand why we need some kind of agreement about nondisclosure. But we, of course, will not disclose the details until we disagree with our American partners – precisely because of the specific arrangements, which are usually achieved at the diplomatic level when working on issues such as the Syrian conflict “- Tass quoted Putin as saying.

Earlier, Foreign Ministry spokesman Maria Zakharova expressed doubt that the reason for the US non-disclosure agreements with Russia are security concerns for Syria. According to her, the ordinary citizens of Syria for six years are living in intolerable conditions, and Washington had never thought about their safety.

On Friday, September 9th talks between Lavrov and Kerry ended in Geneva, during which the foreign ministers had agreed on a new plan to resolve the situation in Syria and formed a package of five documents.They include, in particular, cease-fire, as well as US and Russian cooperation in the fight against terrorism. This agreement has since fallen apart in the aftermath of the US ‘double-cross’ attack on Syrian forces.

As previously reported by Lavrov, Moscow intends to seek publication of the agreements with the United States on Syria, while Washington is willing to keep them secret.

Following the US attack on the SAA, at the press conference following the emergency meeting of the UN Security Council, Vitaly Churkin – Permanent Representative to the UN from Russia – began to publicly disclose some of the main points of the agreement in order to demonstrate the actual dynamics at play. In connection with this, Churkin demonstrated that the attack was very much unlikely to have been accidental.

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