Teenage Girls Whipped In Hindu Ritual To ‘Exorcise’ Evil Spirits

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Hindu ritual

Dozens of women and teenagers, believed to be possessed by evil spirits, queued up to receive therapeutic lashings during an annual Hindu festival held in southern India.

The extreme religious ceremony is thought to cure illness and exorcise evil spirits.

RT reports: Ruptly footage shows women kneeling down in a “lashing ground” and having their backs and hands whipped by priests, as part of ‘Vijayadasami’ festivities held in the village of Bavithram Vellalapatti.

The participants are seen bowing as they take turns receiving blows from the priests, who are dressed in ceremonial garb. Some are seen flinching as they brace for another lashing.

The ritual is supposed to rid women and girls of evil spirits, as well as heal ailments. According to tradition, if a woman doesn’t feel pain, it means she has fallen victim to dark forces.

“When the priest lashes the women they won’t feel any pain if they are possessed by evil spirits. Otherwise, it will be painful. The evil spirits after several lashes will run away from the woman’s body,” a local resident told Ruptly.


  1. Hinduism and evil spirits go hand in hand, whipping someone wont help, repenting your worship of the hindu gods/false idols (Nimrod and Semiramis) will.

    • I actually believe that their idols are fallen angels and some of their hybrids they created.
      There is a very interesting Hindu text describing these gods waring with each other and using flying craft and weapons that describe a nuclear strike to a tee. in somewhere in Afghanistan they found glass formations that resemble glass in the Nevada dessert after the nuke tests.

      • Nice comment! Ive heard that also about the nephilim killing one another off while their fallen angels parents watched. I always view those extra texts such as book of enoch, jasher, jubilees with high precaution as i think they have been heavily altered. There is definite truth in them, but hard to know where to draw the line. For sure on the hindu idols being fallen angels and nephilim. They also idolize Nimrod, Semiramis, and Tammuz from directly after the flood in Babel alot. Tammuz=Krishna, Shiva=Nimrod, Kali=Semiramis. Interesting they say there are 33 million gods in hinduism, just like 33 degrees of freemasonry, just like the dragon in revelation drew one third of the stars to earth (angels) 33.333%.

        • I think you may want to open your mind to the other books that are out there. So very interesting. I don’t have too much time to read them all, so I listen to a guy named Zen Garcia, channel on YouTube. He collects all “secret books” and publishes them and talks about them. he will read chapters of Genesis from one translation, then stop and read from another and talk about the variances. He is really knowledgeable in the ancient texts. I don’t like the idea that some human threw away 100’s of books denying me the chance to discern for myself. When I read Enoch, the bible really started making sense to me. that was the missing link that cause me confusion when i read the bible. Enoch is very true. IMO.

          • For sure, i have read enoch, jubilees, jasher, book of adam and eve. I dont discount them and know they have alot of value, i just dont have the same degree of reliability for those books as my King James bible i guess you can say. For example in Jasher they have Abraham encountering Nimrod, yet they didnt live at the same time period. Shem slayed Nimrod, not Esau. The timeline in jubilees is also not good. Enoch i believe has many very true chapters, but some of the latter chapters are questionable to me. I guess maybe there are good and bad versions of enoch just like the bible. The fallen angels and that stuff for sure is true. Like you say its best for us to read and discern and seek the truth rather than have stuff hidden from us.

  2. you know they are going to do something to deserve it anyway. right fellas? then they don’t listen anyway, that is why they walk around with two black eyes.

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