Was Aleister Crowley The Grandfather Of George W. Bush?

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Could occult leader Aleister Crowley be the secret grandfather of former U.S. president George W. Bush?

During Aleister Crowley’s time in Paris as leader of occult secret society Ordo Templi Orientis (OTO) it was no secret that he took part in sex rituals with Pauline Pierce, mother of Barbara Peirce (Bush) – wife of former President George W. Bush.

Barbara Bush went married soon-to-be CIA director named George Herbert Walker Bush who later became president of the United States. Could it be that Aleister Crowley was his maternal grandfather?

According to the video’s description:

“…Aleister Crowley was so wicked in fact that Mussolini kicked him out of Italy when a young man in his care committed suicide in a particularly atrocious manner. Without any money, Crowley went to Paris where he was put up by a man named Frank Harris and his female partner at the time Nellie O’Hare. O’Hare had a friend, Pauline Pierce, a mother of two from the United States and something of a bohemian. O’Hare, Pierce, Frank Harris and Aleister Crowley all lived in the same home in Paris at precisely the same time.

During Crowley’s stay at the Harris household he was working to complete a higher degree of evil by performing rituals which would make him eligible to receive a new grade in the occult order he helped found: the Ordo Templi Orientis (OTO). In order to achieve this new grade of “Ipsissimus” Crowley was to complete a very specific magical ritual that he referred to as the “Supreme Ordeal.”

He was, with some assistance, supposed to exhaust himself sexually until he entered a state of waking sleep, at which time he would end the ceremonies with a marathon-bout of coitus. It is speculated by many that Harris, O’Hare and Pauline Pierce were his partners in this ceremony.

Harris was no stranger to sex – he had written extensively about his various sexual encounters and the majority of Harris’s written work concerned his active sex life, which was the fashion for writers living on the continent in those inter-war years.

In fact it was during this time that Crowley began to rub elbows with some of the literary avant-garde of the time, including Henry Miller, Ernest Hemingway and others. If nothing else, this is at least a scandalous place for a married mother of two to be spending her holiday, even if she had nothing to do with any magical Satanic rituals. (i put in italics)

Pauline Pierce returned to the United States in October of 1924 and eight months later, in June of 1925 she gave birth to one Barbara Pierce, who would go on to marry a young politician and soon-to-be CIA director named George Herbert Walker Bush.”


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