US Military Press Conference: “Prepare For World War 3 With Russia”

Fact checked
US military and NATO officials tell press to prepare for 'World War 3' with Russia

US and NATO Generals have told reporters at a press briefing that they should prepare for “World War 3 with Russia” in the very near future.

NATO and US forces have bolstered their military forces on the Russian border, installing anti-ballistic missile systems and equipment in an effort to provoke a nuclear war with Russia.

In response, Russian President Vladimir Putin has deployed anti-aircraft missile systems around Moscow to protect the country from a massive attack.

The S-400 Triumph air defence system is capable of hitting moving US and NATO planes and missiles, and has a range of 400km. reports:

Defense Ministry’s Department of Information and Mass Communication told Interfax: ‘The SAM combat squads of the Moscow Region aerospace forces have put the new S-400 Triumph air defense missile system into service, and have gone on combat duty for the air defense of Moscow and the central industrial region of Russia.

‘The main task of the anti-aircraft missile troops of the Russian Aerospace Forces is air defense and protecting vital state, military, industry and energy facilities, as well as the Armed Forces troops and transport communications, from aerospace attacks.’

The S-400 was designed as a protective mechanism against airstrikes. according to RT.

The US tanks and armoured vehicles have started arriving in Poland today as part of the biggest American military reinforcement in Europe for decades, according to the BBC.

Soldiers will carry out exercised in the Baltics as part of their tour as part of the Obama administration’s response to Russia’s intervention in the Ukraine.

Tours will last nine months before troops rotate, but whether or not they will remain under Trump’s regime remains to be seen.

President-elect Donald Trump’s choice for secretary of defense, retired Marine General James Mattis, will face questions about his views on a wide range of topics at a Senate confirmation hearing Thursday.

He is widely admired within defense and foreign policy circles and is expected to easily win a vote of approval by the Senate Armed Services Committee.


  1. Is Obama starting a war because he wants to give Trump a big problem to deal with, or because he wants to declare martial law so Trump cannot take over the presidence, or because he hates America for thwarting his plans for takeover by the New World Order under a Clinton presidency?

      • Its not OBAMA the puppet, but his handlers the ZIONIST MASONS who put him in power, that are pushing the 911 wars. To make ISRAEL supreme ruler of M.E.
        Why attack Russia? Russia standing in the way of complete regional takeover, by supporting Syria. By backing Assad? Russia stops the NWO goal of Pharisees seizing all land resources from Nile to Euphrates aka Eretz Israel

    • And because as a closet Muslim, he hates BOTH Russia and America. He is posturing to have the two most powerful infidel nations in the world, attack each other.

  2. We have traitors within our midst.Obama will cause the massive destruction of America and Russia for his master Lucifer,the NWO needs both countries destroyed to create their world government,once our major cities are hit,thousands of Islamic jihadi,s will attack throughout the country along with the communist left,snowflakes and Black Lives Matters followers.Patriots will need to arise to fight back and take back our Constituonal Republic…


    If they take us into another war those Generals need to be put on the Gallows and left hanging by their balls. It is time my friends to pick sides, because after we are bombed into oblivion there will be no sides to be taken.


    America has gone broke trying to police the world on our terms AND TO NO AVAIL. America tries to manipulate other nations by throwing money at them while the very infrastructure that supports that money machine crumbles into dust.


    • Those generals could be fallen angels, and that my friend, means that we can’t make them ‘understand’ anything.

      • Even Saul of Tarsus dedicated to the persecution of the early disciples of Jesus in the area of Jerusalem of christians was contacted in a vision while on the road to Damascus and became Paul. So don’t be so quick to condemn old generals, because they may actually be Angels who when having their past pointed out to them can actually become the messengers of God as was Paul.

  4. They better no mess with Russia in their back yard, the U.S. military better get some balls and arrest the muslim communist POS in the WH, and the chicken hawks in Congress pushing for this stupid suicidal war.

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  5. Please do not let your sons and daughter fight in this war. Fighting in this war says you wish to make the bankers richer because this war is nothing more than a means to depopulate and create wealth.

    Aren’t we sick of going along to get along? Stand against these criminals. Do not let them sell you a bowl of bovine swill by telling you it is to protect our freedom.
    They are evil, they are liars and they don’t give a crap about us.

  6. War with Russia? This is insane as the Russians will beat the living hell out of us. People just don’t realize that we are NOT the country we were in 1950. This is all because these New World Order bastards didn’t win their election. Those who aren’t prepared will be in miserable shape. They will NOT survive this event. This is the time to pray with conviction!

    • Russia has 1 aircraft carrier vs our 15. Their weaponry is old, broke down junk. Cant even defend small Syria. Russia economy size of Spain.
      Its the Likudnik jews who want Russia taken out because it wont surrender Syria to the ZIONIST pigs who want Golan water, oil and farmland. In fact Arab Spring was to wipe out Israeli rivals to give all area from Nile to Euphrates to Eretz Israel. More PNAC Oded Yinon garbage that the world pays for while the zioskanks sit safe and profit off all of it

      • What planet do you live on? It’s not uncommon to hear lame responses like yours, from people who have never actually took the time to investigate Russia’s military power. As for those Air Craft Carriers, they are pretty much obsolete against heavy hitters like Russia, China, Iran… considering their advanced anti-ship missiles and anti-ship ballistic missiles far superior to our own.

        A little saying that is said in Russia: They think they have us in a ditch. In Russia, every ditch is a fighting hole.

        Let me tell you something. USNATO really doesn’t want to so much as touch one inch of Mother Russia. One NATO soldier, one NATO bomb so much as touches Russia, and all bets are off.

        • Indeed. It is TOTAL madness to ‘goose’ Russia right on her doorstep. WWIII is NOT about to break out, we just need ADULTS in the WH to ROLL BACK these psych wars vs. Russia and pivot to TRUE diplomacy…

      • And those 6 aircraft carriers have a life expectancy of about 2 weeks in batter possibly 3 if docked, as per US military naval leaders. You might want to get your head out of your ass at some point

      • I agree except on the notation of Russias strength. Russia holds the biggest land mass on the planet. 2nd point- Numbers of mass play a conventional roll, technology is the front runner nowadays. Stating this there are more variables to the equation then 15 to 1. Dont forget about the militarized space zone either.

      • agree with you except for the Russian military technology. If there will be war it will also involve US continent, with all big cities annihilating.

    • U R missing the proper meaning here of “War with Russia”.
      When u hear this from now on, know that it means that USA is helping Russia (& also china) in the war against ourselves and all people.
      They let u believe that we are to war ‘against’ Russia. Tain’t so.
      We are allied with Russia against ourselves.
      In Poland we are allied with Russia ‘against’ all 10 of the Baltic countries, etc., etc. Get it now?
      We are also in a war of words. Their meaning might not be what you automatically think they mean. Always look for the innuendos.
      It’s a war of deceit. Don’t let them trick you. Discern and discern again and again regarding every single word, phrases and sentences.

      • It appears that, at this time, USA is not only allied with Russia, but Poland too, to takeover the Baltic countries and perhaps USA will ‘help’ Polish troops to destroy their own citizens and country. Just like
        USA helps Russia and China to destroy our selves.
        Where are the marine meatballs? I mean that in a good way.

  7. If anybody in US thinks that starting a war against Russia will be fought only on European soil is crazy.
    Having said that i will also point out that a US/Russia war will quickly escalate to being a nuclear war at which point there will be no winners just losers.

  8. I watched the videos and my impression is this is not war preparation. It does look like a pretty good drill in shipping and logistics. We haven’t moved men and equipment through Europe in large numbers for decades, so this is actually a pretty good idea. Like the General said near the end when the reported asked if Trump could quickly end the build-up – he couldn’t speak for anyone else, but that the large-scale movement “Its good for the Army.” That makes sense. They need a lot of practice. All the carriers are in port in the USA, so there would be no air support (other than European) for weeks, at best. Would you want to start a war with Russia with ALL of your carrier fleets in port? Lol. I don’t think so.

      • Um, do you really *think* we are gonna ‘stop’ Russia with – 1500 tanks and 3500 troops?!? LMAO…If this ISN’T a ‘drill’, then these ‘officers’ should be cashiered for extreme incompetence as well as wishful thinking…

  9. “Practice”, my arss.
    In my opinion, this is real. Military buildup for the takeover of all 10 Baltic countries.fron
    USA ‘assisting’ Russia. Anyone who thinks otherwise, go back to sleep.
    USA pushing from the western borders to the center.
    Russia pushing from their western borders of the eastern Baltics borders to the middle
    Is this the same scissor effect the foreign troops are to use on the USA?
    Looks like it.

    • Do you realize that this action, once successful and completed, would push the Russian front much closer to the rest of Europe? Ouch!

  10. You know, posting a 15 min vid that viewers have to wade through to find the BAIT & SWITCH headline that these officers are (definitively) saying ‘prepare for WWIII with Russia very soon’ is BULLSHIT, lazy ‘journalism’ and lame-ass fear porn. I watched some of these vids, parts of, weeks ago, and there is NOTHING explicitly stated in THAT regard. It’s the usual Pentagramese, ‘Support our allies’, ‘deter Russian aggression’, yada, yada, yada’, but NOTHING as explicit as your headline STATES. Lame, imbecilic, and UNNECESSARY….

  11. Bring back ALL the officers that Obama PURGED and reinstate them. REMOVE every appointment by Obama. They are ALL infiltrated Globalist Traitors. Especially those infiltrated into the NUCLEAR ARSENAL, by Obama. SHUT down the DHS MUSLIM BROTHERHOOD/Jesuit satanist Gestapo.

  12. bull shit , look at the timing, this is a george soros general taking orders from obama to hype up a fake war with russia? its evil, another vain attempt to sabotage trump! putin and trump will be good friends just watch ? obama is an Antichrist and in the name of Jesus Christ i claim the blood and its power to rebuke herr Satan’s boy berry soros! so be it!

  13. Obama is a threat to the world’s people he needs to be removed immediately!!! If he starts shit like this in this day and age he will have the worst Karma he WILL pay

  14. Americans stand with Putin and the Christian crusade!!! Putin isn’t falling for our pos traitor in office right now..Obama starts some shit like this he has no where to hide…endangering the lives of many Americans and people of the world how embarrassing is this shit

  15. We’re supposed to shut up and take our nuclear war like good citizens? The American public doesn’t appreciate this war monger bullying over OIL. We KNOW this is about control of oil and money. That’s what war is, and taxpayers want it to stop already. The US is the cause of the aggression. We need to stop funding the other big bully – Israel. This is why we couldn’t vote for HRC, but our military was gearing up for HRC’s war plans already.

  16. i am really pissed at ofuck head obama ,we can not start a war with another country ,just because they exposed our corrupt political candidates to the world ,for all to see ,,all soldiers there had better be ready to use there common sense and refuse to show any aggressive moves again russia as you will not die for your countrys best wishs ,but a act of spoken revenge by a black man with a personal agenda!

  17. I have come to realize of late. If the US “actually” announces war. It is because we are either backed into a corner… or our top strategists already know we will win seizing of land. We are not backed into a corner. We have boots and armor on every continent of this earth. We have top notch space programs. We have energy weapons, and the latest generation equipment and tools for our military. We also have more than 3 to one odds on all heavy hitting equipment. We have seasoned soldiers, marines who have seen multiple conflict zones already. We have knowledge of all secrets and practically own the internet. Considering we invented it. We have a more than capable nuclear arsenal capable of delivering long ranged hits. We have the best drones in the ocean and on land. We are the world Federal reserve currency. Who knows what we really have that is top secret. our last top secret weapons were kept hidden for 40 years. And they were game changers. We took over every other country within weeks after announcing we were at war since the Iraqi war. I don’t believe we are yet at war with Russia conventionally. Diplomatically yes. But if we did truly announce we were ready for war with Russia. Then that means we know we are ready. I don’t support any wars, but these are the facts. No country is ready for a major war with the United States of America right now. America is and has been a war machine since it was born.

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