Current NFL Star Drops Bomb: ‘NFL Games Are Rigged’

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NFL games are routinely "rigged" by officials working on behalf of the league to choose the outcomes of games, according to Oakland Raiders linebacker Vontaze Burfict.

NFL games are routinely “rigged” by officials working on behalf of the league to choose the outcomes of games, according to Oakland Raiders linebacker Vontaze Burfict.

Currently serving a season-long suspension for a helmet-to-helmet hit, Burfict was speaking to The Athletic when he was asked if he had been watching any football during his suspension.

According to Burfict, the league is able to pull it off because the officials can control the outcome of any game.

I honestly think some of the games are rigged,” Burfict said. “The refs pick and choose when they want to throw their flags. There are flags on every play. The refs determine the outcomes of games, so I just chose not to watch it for the most part.

The shocking accusation isn’t likely to go over well with the league office, which has been emphasizing the integrity of the game recently.

It is also a brave move considering the last NFL insider to publicly claim the league is rigged mysteriously “drowned” in a ditch after her car was run off the road.

Jessica Savitch was a pioneer, serving as America’s first female anchorwoman, hosting the nightly NBC news. But after her epic NFL takedown, she was found dead months later, in a drainage ditch off the Delaware Canal outside of Philadelphia.

See her full report here:

CBSSports report: Basically, Burfict is calling into question the integrity of the game, which won’t make Roger Goodell happy. With gambling now legal in multiple states, the NFL commissioner had been emphasizing the integrity of the game recently, and how important it is for fans to trust that there aren’t any “outside influences” on the outcomes of NFL games. 

You don’t want to do anything that’s going to impact negatively on the integrity of our game,” Goodell said in January 2018. “You want to be certain that there are no outside influences on our game, and that fans don’t even have any issue with that; they understand, whether it’s a perception or not, that there is no influence on our game. And that’s something we stand firmly behind on the integrity of our game.”

As for Burfict, if it does turn out that Goodell isn’t thrilled with his comments, the linebacker probably won’t care. Burfict didn’t mince words when he was asked about the commissioner, who he met with in October when he appealed his suspension. 

I met Roger Goodell in New York and he was a total b—-,” Burfict said. “He was a b—-. He didn’t let anybody speak, he rushed us in and out of the meeting. The meeting was b——-. He already had the suspension in his hand.

Players almost never come out and question the NFL the way Burfict did during his interview, so it will be very interesting to see how the paranoid league responds to his comments. 

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