Man Forcibly Removed From Canadian Hospital For Refusing To Wear Face Mask

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A man was physically removed from his local hospital in Toronto, Canada last month because he refused to wear a face mask.

This type of oppression was witnessed across the globe in 2020 and 2021, but it is quite disturbing to see that it still continues in some places in 2023.

InfoWars reports: Watch the footage below as the individual, Eugene, stood up for his principles and told hospital security he wouldn’t wear a mask and they’d have to call the police and have him arrested.

After a few minutes of arguing back and forth, the hospital security workers refused Eugene service and had him trespassed from the property.

According to the Toronto Sun, “On April 7, experiencing extreme abdomen pain, later diagnosed as kidney stones, Eugene went to the Bayview campus of Sunnybrook. When asked to put on a mask to be seen by a doctor, he refused, and security was called to deal with him.”

The Sun also reported, “Eugene wasn’t arrested after he was taken outside, he simply had a conversation with the police officers who were called. They offered him a ride to another hospital.”

Eugene told the outlet, “This mask mandate for hospitals doesn’t make sense anymore. They don’t ask people to wear gloves or wash their hands. As a personal thing, I decided that I would not wear a mask when there is no reason.”

In 2020, a Toronto woman was killed after being restrained by hospital security when she too wouldn’t wear a mask.

The woman’s family filed a $16-million lawsuit in January 2023 against the workers who restrained her and the University Health Network. 

In response to the recent video of Eugene being forcibly removed over the mask dispute, Toronto Sun political columnist Brian Lilley published an article calling for mask mandates to end at Ontario hospitals.

The pandemic is now such a non-threat, even World Health Organization Chief Tedros Ghebreyesus announced Friday, “I declare COVID-19 over as a global health emergency.”


  1. They’re evil Always the same always the opposite. Always gave been, always will be Satan the great deceiver Nothing is what it seems, or pretends to be, or wants you to think it is Nothing.

  2. Kudos to the man for standing up for his rights! The entire tyrannical, poisonous pharmakia medical system must be destroyed.

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