RFK Jr: ‘CIA Rig Elections and Assassinate Those Who Get in Their Way’

Fact checked
RFK Jr says CIA rig elections and murder political opponents

Robert F. Kennedy Jr. claims that the CIA have a history of rigging US elections and assassinating leaders who refuse to comply with their ‘New World Order’ agenda.

RFK Jr. sat down with Editor-in-Chief of Unhurd Freddie Sayers who asked the Democratic presidential candidate what kind of approach he plans to take with the CIA.

“The CIA needs to be reorganized,” RFK. Jr said.

“Very early on Allen Dulles( former CIA Director) corrupted the purpose of the CIA by getting it involved in assassinations and fixing elections… the CIA has been involved in coup d’état’s in a third of the countries in the world.”

Thegatewaypundit.com reports: Kennedy rounded up his thought by saying “Our national policy as a country is to promote democracy the CIA’s policy has been the opposite.”


Kennedy was right to call out Allen Dulles who served as the director of the CIA during the Cold War.

Dulles had a long career at the CIA and oversaw several controversial CIA missions such as the 1953 Iranian coup, the 1954 Guatemalan coup, MKUltra mind control program and the Bay of Pigs invasion.

Allen Dulles was ultimately fired by RFK Jr.’s uncle President John F. Kennedy, for Dulles’ hand in the Bay of Pigs disaster.

In recent weeks Kennedy has been surging in the polls and does seem to have a fighting chance to replace Biden as the Democratic presidential nominee.


  1. “the CIA has been involved in coup d’état’s in a third of the countries in the world.”

    The US is included in the “third”.

  2. The CIA must be destroyed, not reorganized. That is what Pres. JFK planned to do, along with ending the Fed Reserve & their ability to print & control our currency.

  3. He’s another egocentric dimwit The CIA are their AGENTS in America but they’ve been rifginvbdkectoons since the put Robespierre into place They do it globally and I’ve never believed any of it, not even since I was a school boy I knew I was smelling rats all around the place. The stench of corruption shall reach all the way to Heaven God told us.
    And His final Solution? To destroy, as He identifies it, the City that is divided into 3 parts .

  4. CIA/Mossad are thugs for the Central bankers. they don’t work for us. they have a great disdain for US citizens. To think otherwise is foolish. The CIA and The CCP are on the same team. If you think the US navy is going to fight China over Taiwan, you are sadly mistaken. The US navy if anything will hand Taiwan over to the China.
    But my theory is actually this. The US navy will be ambushed with limited nuclear strikes sinking all our carrier groups in the pacific, wiping out our naval power in the hemisphere. We will be loured to taiwan and BAM! guam, and the fleets. This will be the real begining of the end of the USA as we know it. I wish I was wrong, but this is why all the good generals and admirals are being replaced with lipstick, skirt wearing men. They are psychopaths and have no loyaty to country, only to themselves.

    • I don’t know if this scenario will play out but the downfall of the USA is ahead of us.
      Big changes will come. You can see this already playing out with energy, migration, banking etc.

      Who prepared this?
      American agents of the money cabal went to China in the early 70ies to pave the way for the next phase.

      *First* David Rockefeller and after him the “figurehead” of the empire: Richard Nixon.
      Read up on the Rockefellers, people, to see that you had the enemy in your midst all along.

      • the relatonship between the central banks and CCP starts from the beginning with Mao pre WW2. The CCP is a Central bank project, just like the Bolshieviks.
        The whole goal of WW2 in the pacific was to bring Japan under the monetary system. Japan was a really hard nut to crack, they would not let the central banker to get a foot hold into their country. Hence, the tricked JAPAN into accepting military arms and training from the British to bolster their navy and army then were manipulated into striking out, then they were subdued and destroyed then “built back better” under the western central bank’s structue.
        sound familiar?

        • It was all set up by thd roman ancient richest families from western rome, that’s the west, when it collapsed due to Christianity sweeping away their pagan powers of mind control and so they moved to Venice and set that up to take the money from Constntinople/Istanbul as the world’s trading centre. That became full of damp and mould so they moved the operation to Londinium
          They set it up as the City and made England the greatest empire the world has seen since the Roman.
          From there they decided to take the world but realised they had to do it by Deception so employed democracy as their weapon to control the populations by dividing from within to conquer from without.

        • Your naive I’ve told you a hundred times the board of directors from the bank of England run fhd BIS that runs the central banks which are just smoke screens to hide behind.
          It’s all run from the City that is divided into 3 as Revelations tells you straight out It’s no secret. It’s in your face. It is not the central bankers It’s the City

      • Oh for Gods sake Ypur so far back in the dust you can’t even see them Your like still talking about closing the gate 200 years after the horse bolted

    • The central bankers are under the City Bankers run via the Bank of England which rules over the BIS which regulates the central It’s the City that runs the show and the CIA is an agency which your government set up using Hitlers former chief of security to establish it for them, being the City really operating through its Special Operations Branch in the Pentagon that runs your military from England.

    • Yes he does. He s very careful and cautious in what he says He says nothing that hasn’t been said a million times before. He knows he’s not going to change the minds of all of thd corruptions from every state in the Congress so can’t do jack really BUT he knows the people of the world are stupid and think president is omnipotent, like Caesar and has some Absolute power over the Congress. In their fantasies designed yo make them want a King with Absolute power.
      Its all entrapment by passive aggression.

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