Serbian President Says World Leaders Are No Longer Working Towards Peace

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Serbian president

Serbian President Aleksandar Vucic has claimed that the international community is no longer interested in ending conflicts.

In interview with TASS Vucic said that global leaders view peace as an “unwanted” ideal.

He argued that insted of looking for solution, participants at the Munich Security Conference acted more like “football fans”.

RT reports: His comments follow last week’s annual Munich Security Conference, which saw senior officials and heads of state from all over the world gather in the German city to debate international security issues, including the Ukraine conflict. 

Vucic noted that he has participated in the forum numerous times, using the opportunity to gauge “how the Western world thinks” and its willingness to listen to varying opinions, including from smaller nations.  

This year, however, Vucic said he did not hear any innovative suggestions toward resolving conflicts, describing the conference participants as behaving like “football fans.” The Serbian leader said he had concluded that the word “peace” appears to have become “unloved and unwanted throughout the world.” 

At the same time, he argued that despite the shifts in global politics, everything possible must be done to protect freedom and the right to make independent decisions in line with the interests of the people.

Vucic also told TASS that Serbia intends to maintain its policy of rejecting pressure from the West to impose sanctions on Moscow, arguing that this would be “unfair to the Russian people,” whom he described as friendly to the Serbs. 

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