President Trump Not Affiliated With ‘Patriot Party’

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President Trump to launch 'patriot party' shortly after leaving office

Update: Since the publication of this article it has been confirmed that former President Trump is not connected to the newly formed ‘Patriot Party’. On Monday this week, Trump’s team officially disavowed the party:

“On January 22, 2021, Patriot Party filed a Form 1 (Statement of Organization) listing [Trump’s presidential organization] as a participant in purported joint fundraising activities under 11 C.F.R. 102.17. [Trump’s presidential organization] did not authorize the filing of this Form 1, has not entered into any joint fundraising agreement to fundraise through Patriot Party, and has no knowledge of Patriot Party’s activities whatsoever,” Trump’s team wrote in the filing. 

We have therefore updated the headline and article to reflect this new information.

According to a report in the Wall Street Journal, Trump discussed the idea with aides, who leaked the plan.

The plan to launch a new party comes after the Republican Party failed to support Trump in his efforts to investigate alleged widespread fraud in the 2020 election against Joe Biden.

Reports suggest that members of Trump’s own cabinet, including VP Mike Pence, are choosing to attend Joe Biden’s inauguration over Trump’s scheduled military-style send off event on Wednesday at Joint Base Andrews.

In Trump’s farewell address, he told supporters that the “movement we started is just beginning.”

“Together with millions of hardworking patriots across this land, we built the greatest political movement in the history of our country,” he added. 

Trump also said that he was proud of being the first President in decades not to start any war: reports: Trump further noted that his administration “obliterated the ISIS caliphate and ended the wretched life of its founder and leader, al Baghdadi.”

He also stated that “We stood up to the oppressive Iranian regime and killed the world’s top terrorist, Iranian butcher Qasem Soleimani.”

For the most part, Trump focused on his America first policy, noting that “What has always allowed America to prevail and triumph over the great challenges of the past has been an unyielding and unashamed conviction in the nobility of our country and its unique purpose in history. We must never lose this conviction.”

“We must never forsake our belief in America,” he added.

The President issued a stark warning that free speech is under attack.

“At the center of [American] heritage is also a robust belief in free expression, free speech, and open debate,” Trump explained, adding “Only if we forget who we are, and how we got here, could we ever allow political censorship and blacklisting to take place in America. It’s not even thinkable. Shutting down free and open debate violates our core values and most enduring traditions.”

He continued “In America, we don’t insist on absolute conformity or enforce rigid orthodoxies and punitive speech codes. We just don’t do that. America is not a timid nation of tame souls who need to be sheltered and protected from those with whom we disagree. That’s not who we are. It will never be who we are.”

Watch the full address:


    • If they carry out the plans they say they have you could be correct. I feel however they will be as inept as Trump was in fulfilling his promises.. it will not be a happy time for sure.

    • Bill I have a feeling The American people were duped. All we heard was lock he up, and we going to drain the swamp. which none of it happened the crooks are still walking free and the swamp is deep as ever.

  1. If this was 1861 Big Tech is Big Slavery. Google, FB. Apple, Amazon are functional plantations No surprise they back the Dems. Slavers were “Christian” then in a way Big Tech is Woke now. Nothing progressive in going back to the future. No Wonder why they want to erase History

  2. I am with President Trump. I will never vote for any republican that did not support our president.

  3. While he still had the power of the presidency he should have declared Martial Law and let the battle for truth to be told begin.

    He didnt do that, he DID let Quame Kilpatrick off the hook though……

    ………… was this part of “the plan”????

  4. ” there is no change without revolution ” Lenin .And there has never been a revolution that wasnt led by ” them ” .There has never been a genuine rising up of the people, a real.peasants revolt , or anything like that the history books ,full of propagandas and deceits , describe .And the ordinary American people wobt revolt And rhey all know it .They all know they have to lead them by deceits and manipulations and by lies in media more than anything And no revolution succeeded that wasnt led by the rule of law Thats the bottom line of all of their stories that they NEVER discuss .All of their fabrications and deceits .Trumps had bad advisors ,evil.deceirful back stabbing duplicitous deceivers .

  5. with the election system established, a patriot party will never get any seats. Hasn’t anyone learned anything about what happened with the election?
    they just brought more votes in to get their people in office.

  6. Like here Paile Hanson started the One Nation Party about twenty years ago .Its made her quite wealthy ,she has a nice farm now I stead if a fish n chip shop .where she began. And it helps to destabilise the security of the two party fraudulent representation of democracy .Even if his kids carry on with it it will be a good outcome .Any thorn in their side is beneficial to we the people

  7. He has my support. The Republicans did not support our agenda when we needed them and the evil seditious democrats can burn in Satan’s Lake of Hellfire for eternity for all I care. I will register as a member of the Patriot Party the first second I can.

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