ABC News Busted Deleting Tweet Claiming Democrats Hold Onto the House and Take 4 Seats in Senate

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Did ABC News just let the cat out of the bag? Rumors are circulating that the midterm fix is in after the mainstream news outlet tweeted a link to a strange article that seems to announce the results of the midterm election months before votes have been cast.

It all started with this tweet from One America News’ Jack Posobiec who noticed ABC News deleted a tweet about Democrats keeping the House and taking as many as four seats in the Senate.

But you know, the midterms are still months out so… what gives? Then ABC News quickly DELETED the tweet and that made it even more suspicious.

So we went to the link included in the deleted tweet and it’s a story about Biden being optimistic about the midterms colliding with reality. Now, the article itself looks weird … as if it’s not really finished but we can see it which is odd.

The first paragraph is exactly the same as the tweet, which is also odd:

Democrats are going to hold onto the House after November’s midterm elections. They will pick up as many as four seats in the Senate, expanding their majority and overcoming internal dissent that has helped stifle their agenda.

The link takes you to the 2020 election results page:

The article continues …

As the challenges confronting President Joe Biden intensify, his predictions of a rosy political future for the Democratic Party are growing bolder. The assessments, delivered in speeches, fundraisers and conversations with friends and allies, seem at odds with a country that he acknowledged this week was “really, really down,” burdened by a pandemic, surging gas prices and spiking inflation.

Biden’s hopeful outlook tracks with a sense of optimism that has coursed through his nearly five-decade career and was at the center of his 2020 presidential campaign, which he said was built around restoring the “soul of America.” In a lengthy Oval Office interview with The Associated Press on Thursday, Biden said part of his job as president is to “be confident.”

Again, we’re not sure if this story is supposed to be live and if it is? What a mess. We went to the site and while we can’t find it on the homepage (even though the story was new just yesterday morning) it does show up via search.

Either way, this looks shady AF.

Oopsie we guess?

Baxter Dmitry

Baxter Dmitry

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Baxter Dmitry


  1. They’re all organised criminal cartels called corporations parties clubs societies fraternities and associations

  2. Of course the fix is in. There will be no red wave. The Demorats will ramp up the cheating.

    • That’s what I’ve been thinking all the long. Voting is not real. Results are determined months in advance.

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