Mysterious Bulgaria Skull May Belong To An Alien Say Scientists

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Bulgaria skull may be of alien origin say scientists

A mysterious skull has been discovered in the Rhodope Mountains in Bulgaria, which scientists say is of alien origins.

The skull, nickname the ‘Rhodope alien skull’, was found by a local man (who wishes to remain anonymous) from Plovdiv, during a dig. He says he found the skull buried near a small oval-shaped metallic object. reports:

The man told a fascinating story about how he was guided in his dream by five mysterious humanoids dressed in yellow metallic clothing. These beings showed the man a spot in the Rhodope Mountains, near the border between Bulgaria and Greece, where on May 21, 2001, after a presumably wild goose chase, he found the skull near the spot revealed in the dream.

rhodorpe alien skull

His finding caused a lot of excitement and controversy as some analysts and ufologists who first encountered the skull considered it clear evidence of extraterrestrial beings here on Earth. At first, the man presented his find to a limited circle of people interested in the paranormal but the skull did not remain a secret for long.

The cranium was examined by archaeologist Katya Malamet of the Bulgarian Academy of Sciences and by Professor Dimiter Kovachev, the Director of the Paleontology Museum in Asenovgrad. Both of them said they have never seen anything like it before.

The strange skull is as small as a human baby’s but its bone structure is lighter and thinner and it weighs only 250 grams (8.8 ounces). It has six cavities that researchers believe belonged to the alien’s sensory organs. When alive, this being possessed six eyes or maybe other completely unknown organs. Surprisingly, it has no mouth hole where we would expect to find one.

Professor Kovachev is positive the skull is not a fossil as it does not resemble any hominid skull known to science so far.

“We couldn’t find any analogy or correlation with anything from the past 30 million years.”

Skeptics believe the skull is in fact from a yet-undiscovered animal species, although its characteristics do not match those of any other known animal.

There are a few interesting theories about the Rhodope skull. Bulgarian psychic Koubrat Tomov believes it belonged to a genetically engineered being, created by the Atlanteans. According to him, the skull represents the remains of a failed experiment that took place thousands of years ago in that area.

Another theory states this is likely the remains of hastily buried alien, killed by soldiers operating in the area during World War 2.

The Bulgarian villager who found the skull said that he had received several generous offers to sell it. Unfortunately, the skull disappeared before scientists had the chance to perform DNA analysis and carbon dating. Whoever the owner is today, he clearly doesn’t want to share his belongings with the rest of the world, even though it could be evidence of ET life here on Earth.

While this could be just another setup created by someone and buried on purpose, there is also a chance that we are dealing with a real cranium of an alien being, or the remains of a undiscovered or now extinct species on the planet.


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