Roger Stone: ‘This Is a Full-Fledged War on Alternative Media’

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Roger Stone warns there is a war on alternative media

Trump ally Roger Stone has warned the American people that there is currently a full-fledged war taking place against the alternative media. 

Speaking on Tucker Carlson Tonight on Friday, Stone mentioned how the war on alternative media has left him almost bankrupt:

Former Trump adviser Roger Stone said in a Fox News interview Friday that the indictment brought against him as part of Special Counsel Robert Mueller’s Russia investigation is “thin” and is really “about silencing” him. But, Stone said, he was prepared for the fight of his life.

“There’s a war on alternative media,” he said. “There’s a war where they’re trying to criminalize political expression. There’s a war where they’re trying to criminalize free speech.”

Stone’s remarks on Fox News’ “Tucker Carlson Tonight” came after he was taken into custody earlier Friday and indicted on charges of obstruction, making false statements and witness tampering.

“I’m in for the fight of my life but I will not quit. I will not fold. I will not bend. I will not bear false witness against the president,” Stone said. “I intend to fight because this indictment is fabricated. This indictment is thin as can be.”

[…]The indictment unsealed Friday does not charge Stone with conspiring with WikiLeaks, the anti-secrecy website that published emails of Democrats during the 2016 campaign, or with the Russian officers Mueller says hacked them. Instead, it accuses him of lying about his interactions related to WikiLeaks’ release during probes by Congress and Mueller’s team.

Information Liberation reports: One of the craziest elements of this show was that Tucker didn’t cut to a commercial until around 35 minutes into the program due to the ongoing advertiser boycott (which is due to monologues like the one he gave last night).

Regardless, Mueller and his deep state cronies are doing to Stone exactly what they did to everyone else who helped Trump win his campaign — they’re using the full power of the state to manufacture “crimes” out of thin air. This is literally the most despicable tactic a government prosecutor has at their disposal and it’s almost the only tactic Mueller has used to persecute everyone connected to Trump.

Florida Rep. Matt Gaetz shared an excellent video on Friday which went viral that shows a giant list of people who committed the same “crime” Stone is accused of but were never prosecuted:

President Trump made a similar point this morning:

Which is a greater “attack on our democracy”?:

– Russians sharing crappy memes and spending a meager amount of money on a few Facebook and Google ads

– A 2-plus year deep state witch hunt manufacturing charges against everyone connected to Trump and bankrupting them with drawn-out legal proceedings in order to force plea deals or throw them in prison

It’s a really tough call!

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