Trump Defends Hydroxychloroquine After Sharing Now Deleted Video

Fact checked

President Trump has doubled down on the efficacy of hydroxychloroquine to treat the coronavirus after sharing a viral video which has now been deleted.

Trump said he didn’t know why Twitter and Facebook decided to remove the video that showed a group of doctors making claims about the virus.

His son Donald Trump Jr was temporarily suspended on Twitter earlier on Tuesday after sharing the video.

“I wasn’t making recommendations” the president said during a coronavirus briefing about the tweet he shared, adding “It’s recommendations of many people, including doctors. Many doctors think it’s extremely successful, the hydroxychloroquine, coupled with the Zinc and the perhaps the azithromycin”.

The Independent reports: He complained that the debate around those drugs has become “political”.

“I took it. I’m here,” he said of hydroxychloroquine. “I think it works in the early stages.”

Medical experts and his own government have said there is no factual or scientific data to back up his claims.

He said unnamed “frontline medical workers … believe in it”.

“Some. Many,” he said.

The president ended his latest briefing after about a half hour, and only 11 minutes of questions from reporters.


  1. Reporters aren’t very helpful to the public They’ve got Google they can report things They’re too political too scared of their isps and rhe internet police. Scared Theyre all too scared .

  2. I believe from what I have read that the truth about the efficacy of hydroxychloroquine in preventing the worst symptoms of the virus infections is being suppressed and misrepresented. That being said; what is Trump doing getting involved in these cat-fights? He’s not solving anything and none of it makes him look Presidential. If he won’t stop Tweeting, have some trustworthy and knowledgeable people look at the subject and his Tweets before he posts.

    • I suppose a Natural Texan would be sincere by default.
      That said, re-examine your post and remember that the POTUS communicates to us through twitter since the Marxist Media censors him.

  3. Niamh Harris: medical “experts” are WRONG and you should have researched and done your homework, then you’d know they are wrong. There are now 69 reports of hcq working extremely well and it’s a good preventative too. We’ve known this since 2005 when a research paper came out reporting on results of its use for SARS flu, which is very much like covid 19, which tells us that hcq works with covid 19 as well. Why don’t you do your research, like you should, as a journalist??? People may well die from you suppressing the truth. HCQ WORKS 100% IF USED RIGHT FOR COVID 19.

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