Thailand To Become First Country To Sue Pfizer For Billions Over ‘Deadly’ Covid Jabs

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A Thai government spokesperson announced this week that his country will soon become the first in the world to nullify and make void its contracts with Big Pharma giant Pfizer. The Thai government will also be seeking billions of dollars in damages from Pfizer as compensation for the ‘human wreckage” it has caused in the form of death and injury in the Kingdom.

According to Professor Sucharit Bhakdi, the spokesperson said that “we will see to it that Thailand is the first country in the world to declare this contract (with Pfizer) null.”

We are told that the Royal Family in Thailand was directly impacted by Pfizer’s covid injections, which reportedly harmed the king’s daughter, the young and healthy Princess Bajrakitiyabha, who collapsed while jogging with heart problems.

After launching multiple investigations, Thai authorities are working towards ending the country’s relationship with Pfizer.

(Related: Thailand was among the many countries that were bullied by Pfizer into pushing covid jabs so the company could rake in billions of dollars in profits.)

Chemical Violence report: Bhakdi says he met with top government advisors and explained to them how the entire premise behind the vaccines is built on a throne of lies. Pfizer fraud is the only thing backing the jabs as there is no safety data to show they work as claimed.

Upon hearing this, Thai government advisors were shocked and assured Bhakdi that they are making preparations to end Pfizer’s contracts with the country.

Thailand seeks billions in damages from Pfizer for fraudulent Covid injections

In addition to ending the Pfizer contracts, the Thai government also plans to seek restitution to the tune of billions of dollars in payback from the company. That money will then go towards compensating all Thai people who “lost their existence” as a result of the Pfizer covid jab rollout.

“The discussion he cited having with the Thai government spokespeople, in conjunction with their advisors to the Thai Royal family, is significant,” writes Nicholas Creed for The Daily Bell.

“The monarchy is revered by Thais, to the point of being sacrosanct and beyond reproach; subject to strict Lèse-majesté laws being invoked when criticism is made of the Royal family.”

In short, the Royal Family of Thailand holds great sway and influence over affairs such as this. The Thai people trust its decisions and are sure to support this move to remove Pfizer from their nation.

It was reported back in December that Princess Bajrakitiyabha collapsed from a heart attack after getting jabbed by Pfizer. This is the basis upon which the Royal Family is now moving towards holding Pfizer accountable for its crimes against humanity.

“If anything was going to awaken the Thai people from indoctrinated slumber, incurring their wrath and outrage at the scale of how badly they have been duped – this would probably be it,” Creed says, noting that up until now the Thai people fell for the mass psychosis and “uniformed worship of the new normal ideology.”

“I want to wake up from this nightmare.”

In the comments, someone wrote that Pfizer not only bullied but also bribed government officials, many through blackmail, into buying and distributing Pfizer’s covid shots to their populations.

“Fraud vitiates everything,” this person added, noting that contract law, which is color of law, is chartered under Roman Canon law.

“Common law is superior to color of law. The Magna Carta is superior to Roman Canon law. The Constitution of the United States of America is supreme in America.”

Another wrote that Pfizer and its executives, including CEO Albert Bourla, need to have all of their assets seized, including those being held in banks around the world.

“Go out and arrest all Pfizer executives on your soil,” this person added. “These cockroaches have to be hiding in a country somewhere.”

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    • I think the magical law says that the government’s gave Pfizer immunity against claims as part of the deal for Pfizer offering to provide them untested emergency use vaccines to save their people The govs agreed they would set up funds to pay damages deaths and claims for liabities which they would decide who gets paid using their teams of dictors to devise who was damaged by the vaccine.
      “They’re all in it together” Princess Dianna Just like her inquest at the Royal courts that found her death was “unlawful killing”. But the mefia weren’t allowed to broadcast that verdict in England and its suppressed everywhere
      Why were they forced into the tunnel by that mororcyists blocking the road they were supposed to be taking? Why haven’t the police tried to find who that was?
      That’s the justice system Always has been.
      Nothing is what it seems.

      • Bottom line the lawyers are screwing the Thai royal family They’ll get rid of them from all this They don’t want them there. It’s just another entrapment.

    • in case my other attempts to tell you how to find the original story get deleted for some reason, its on bitchute, the title is“ROYAL PRINCESS OF THAILAND IN COMA AFTER INJECTION – PROF. DR. SUCHARIT BHAKDI , PASCAL NAJADI”

      and XYX0d5mehlQ8 is the video id code that goes at the end of the bitchute url.

      hope this helps

    • That won’t hold up in court. Fraud vitiates (nullifies) everything. And when the good guys prove that pharma knew the truth about all their evil vaccines & drugs, they will NOT have any immunity. It will be bankrupted & the world will stop using their poisons once they know the full truth.

  1. Problem is, Trump signed over 6 trillion dollars over to the pharma companies, basically elevating them into country status. These pharma kabal may start an uprising to remove the royal family and tear Thailand up, like what happened to cambodia.

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  3. That person is theoretically speaking in an ideal world not reality The Catholic lic Canon law has made absutely sure that its top dog in REALITY.
    Partly by taking control of the Temple Bar in the City that then controls all Barristers and makes them swear an Oath of Loyalty to the Sovereign, being the King of the Holy See aka the Pope. They all work for him

  4. I wrote on my blog ‘From Hell To Veins’ in 2009 that at the Club of Rome symposium on ‘Role of Vaccines and Population Control’ that I attended, the presenters said that… “Those helping ‘OUR’ cause would NOT be spared the fate of the masses” then laughter erupted. I warned those helping the so-called ‘A’ team, would be sacrificed. No one is safe. Not even this princess.

  5. This is nothing but hearsay until something actually occurs. Let’s say I’ll believe it when something actually happens. These people would probably take out the Royal Family in a coup before they let this happen.

  6. Who owns the patents on these bioweapons, there is the culprits, and can they be held accountable for going against their own citizens, I’m not sure how we convict and arrest the DOD, .. Perhaps Thailand will use their own special form of justice,at least knock out all of the vi le criminals in Pfizer and the CDC ,and the FDA, Safe and Effective gangsters.

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