Pope Francis: Plastic In Sea Poses ‘Bigger Threat’ Than Pedophilia

Fact checked
Pope Francis thinks plastic in the oceans poses a bigger threat than pedophilia within the Catholic church

Pope Francis has made it clear that combatting plastic in our oceans is a bigger priority for him than pedophile priests raping children in the Catholic Church.

On Saturday, the Pope issued a call to clear up oceans threatened by plastic waste, saying that clean water is a “basic human right” to all.

His public remarks are in stark contrast to the radio silence from the Vatican on the current child rape scandal engulfing the Church.

Breitbart.com reports: “We cannot allow our seas and oceans to be littered by endless fields of floating plastic,” the pontiff said in a message on the fourth World Day of Prayer for the Care of Creation.

“Sadly, all too many efforts fail due to the lack of effective regulation and means of control, particularly with regard to the protection of marine areas beyond national confines.”

The pope also said that access “to safe drinkable water is a basic and universal human right” and deplored that for many it was “difficult if not impossible.

“Our world owes a great social debt towards the poor who lack access to drinking water, because they are denied the right to a life consistent with their inalienable dignity,” he said.


  1. Great idea pope. Wrap pedos in plastic and throw them into the sea and we can worry about who is the biggest problem later.

  2. There is plastic in the sea and possibly nothing else. A quota to get the plastic for fishing companies could boost the world recycle economy and save the fishing industry? There is something missing in the understanding of fish and it is that within a few seconds of being released the shell of a fish egg oxidizes and cannot be fertilized by the sperm of a male fish. To catch fish in the closed mating season with the intention of releasing fertilized eggs is something the legislators do not discuss, and all we hear is stories of plastic pollution and protecting depleted fishing stocks.

  3. This POOP is the worst piece of trash that has ever lived on this planet and has no intention of admitting to his brutal regime of peodopheilia .If he does he knows the church will be sued for billions of dollars euros etc .We are victims of this scourge , and we have been trying since the second world war for compensation

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