Dozens Of Birds Mysteriously Fall From Sky In Boston And Die

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Dozens Of Birds Mysteriously Fall From Sky In Boston And Die

Dozens of birds have mysteriously fallen from the sky above Boston, with a number dying soon after.

Health officials are investigating what caused 47 birds, 12 of which were saved by animal rescuers, to fall from the sky in Boston’s Dorchester neighborhood on Thursday.

The Mail Online reports:

The Animal Rescue League of Boston says it went to Bakersfield Street in Dorchester on Thursday after reports the birds – mostly grackles – were dying.

It was not just birds that were impacted by the mysterious illness, with one cat also becoming sick and having to be euthanized.

Investigators are looking at all potential possibilities, including a fast-acting virus, environmental poisoning or whether the birds could have been killed deliberately, according to NECN.

People in the area have been advised to keep their pets inside and stop them from eating anything off the street, until the cause of death is known.

Boston Public Health Commission spokeswoman Julia Gunn said, ‘there’s no indication that this is posing a threat to humans,’ according to WCVB.


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