Vegans Lash Out At ‘Disgusting’ Burger Named After Greta Thunberg

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Greta Thunberg-er

The decision of an Australian burger van to name one of their vegan burgers the ‘Greta Thunburger’ has not gone down too well by everyone.

According to the plant-based burger’s description on Uber Eats, the burger is “full of hot air, light on facts and high in carbon monoxide”.

Yahoo News reports: Lazy Gramps in Cheltenham, Victoria, used the description of the meal to take aim at 17-year-old environmental activist, Greta Thunberg.

“You ruined my meat! She may be full of hot air, Iight on facts and high on Carbon monoxide but How deer you mock this little number! – Home style Falafel, tomato, pickles, lettuce drizzled with a houmas (sic) tahini sauce, with minimum carbon foot print.”

Lazy Gramp’s burger description was bought to the attention of a private Vegan Facebook group this week.

The members didn’t seem to appreciate it as much as the food truck, which claims to have “famous burgers”.

“Tone deaf at best, disgusting at worst,” one person wrote on the Facebook post.

“No way would I support a business like this,” another person commented.

Others accused the business of being mean-spirited and driving away customers who believe in climate change.

“If someone said all this about me I’d laugh but I always find the criticism of Greta difficult because she’s so young,” a person wrote.

“Besides the offence and attempt a belittling a child, it doesn’t sound appealing,” another agreed.

“Terrible marketing, they are risking offending the exact niche they’re trying to sell to! Not very clever,” another pointed out.

A spokesperson for Lazy Gramps told Yahoo News Australia the description was “all bout poking light-hearted fun.”

The description of the vegan burger mocks the teenage activist. Source: Lazy Gramps

The description of the burger is “aimed mainly at main stream media, who we believe via Greta, push division amongst people by pushing a certain narrative of us vs them! Life should be about balance”.

The burger truck team said they pride themselves on using ingredients sourced locally and are hormone free, and explained why the plant based burger would appeal to even meat eaters.

‘You ruined my meat!’ – “It’s a metaphor! It tastes as good as meat and u can’t go back to meat after eating it!”

Staff said the Thunburger was the third most popular choice on the menu, welcoming the public to get creative and send them a new description.

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