Eminent Scientist Debunks Conventional Climate Change Science

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Top scientists debunks climate change research

One of the world’s leading scientists, Freeman Dyson, has gone on the recored to ‘debunk’ conventional man-made climate change research, which he says is “completely false”.

Dyson worked on some of America’s greatest top secret projects, including the infamous Manhattan Project, and was closely connected  to the work of the scientist that created the Hydrogen bomb yet throughout his career he has never allowed politics to conflate the undermining science that defines his legacy.

Dyson opposed the Vietnam War, the Gulf War and the invasion of Iraq. He supported Barack Obama in the 2008 US presidential election and The New York Times has described him as a political liberal.  At the same time is among signatories of a letter to the UN criticizing the International Panel on Climate Change and the so-called “consensus  on climate change.”

Dyson remarks make it clear that throughout his career since  World War II, and in fact throughout history, scientific majorities have manufactured to support political trends prevalent during those eras and warns that global warming fears are being grossly exaggerated in the same manner that has been observed throughout history.

Dyson has also argued against ostracizing scientists whose views depart from the acknowledged mainstream narrative, stating that “heretics” have historically been an important force in driving scientific progress, and those often considered “heretics” for not agreeing with the mainstream consensus have been proven to right throughout history.

Dyson has a long distinguished career and as such a must read educational article from Dyson himself on why future scientists, along with the masses, should be skeptical on climate change science.


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  1. Thank you, Freeman Dyson. It’s been very difficult reading comments that are entirely hate and lies written by ignorant paid NWO whores in response to the truth about the physical laws that maintain the stability of the environment of the planet published by Dr. Dyson. He deserves an additional Nobel prize as a fearless truthteller…

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